Large company runner-up: Tilson

Photo / Tim Greenway
Photo / Tim Greenway
Joshua Broder, CEO of Tilson


245 Commercial St., Suite 203, Portland

Founded: 1996

Top leader: Joshua Broder

Sales growth 2013–15: 114.36%

Number of employees: 200

Contact: 591-6427

How would you describe your company’s core mission?:
Our mission is to serve our customers by building, integrating and maintaining the information technology and communications infrastructure that enables great organizations to innovate and deliver.
What were the key factors in your company’s growth?:
Being ambitious and thinking big — always stretching and growing to do something bigger and harder than we had ever done before.
How have you adjusted to the rapid growth?:
Sustaining rapid growth has required us to develop a culture of composure. We seek out really challenging projects and have confidence that we will find our way through the chaos. We also have to reinvent ourselves every six months because the technology changes so quickly, which really requires leaders, not managers.
Do you have plans to hire additional employees?:
Yes, another 100 in the next 18 months.
What can we expect for 2017?:
For the company to double, again, to move into our new HQ currently under construction at 16 Middle St., and for us to open two more offices nationally (adding to the current eight).