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The LePage administration has paused its Certified Business Friendly Community program while considering making some changes. The program recognizes towns and cities that have policies and regulations certified by the Department of Economic and Community Development as helpful to business growth and economic development. Qualifying communities receive a blue “open for business” sign to post as well as recognition on the department's website and bonus points on Community Development Block Grant applications. To date 35 Maine communities have been designated “business friendly” since the program began five years ago, but interest seems to be waning. There were only two applicants to the program last year and none this year. Some communities never even applied for certification, notably Portland, Bangor and Brunswick.
Should Maine continue the Business Friendly Community Program?

08/31/17 AT 08:48 AM
Waste of time and money, no incentives associated with the program

08/31/17 AT 07:33 AM
Seems like the lack of interest points to a failing program. End it.

08/30/17 AT 02:42 PM
First and foremost for Maine to be "business friendly," we need a governor who is welcoming and open, not one who is an embarrassment to the state.

08/30/17 AT 01:41 PM
Programs like this will always carry the whiff of politics. Better to effectively support the communities that show clear-cut energy in attracting business activities that benefit the entire state.

08/30/17 AT 01:02 PM
It would be better if the state can actually be business friendly, and stop taxing businesses and business owners for creating jobs and doing well.

08/30/17 AT 11:46 AM
There needs to be a lot more behind this program than a sign.