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A legislative committee charged with drafting regulations covering the retail aspects of the recreational marijuana law approved by Maine voters last November is proposing a 20% sales tax on cannabis when a moratorium on sales is lifted in February 2018. The proposed tax, which is part of a 70-page bill, is double the 10% sales tax proposed in the Question 1 ballot initiative narrowly approved on Nov. 8, 2016, with 381,768 Mainers voting “yes” and 377,773 voting “no.” If Maine lawmakers approve raising the recreational marijuana sales tax to 20% it would put the state on par with Massachusetts, which this summer raised its marijuana tax to 20%, up from the 12% rate proposed in a successful 2016 ballot initiative.
Do you support the committee's proposal to charge a 20% sales tax on recreational marijuana instead of the 10% rate approved by voters?

09/14/17 AT 07:37 AM
Ever heard of the Golden Goose?

09/13/17 AT 12:10 PM
Here we go again: another cash grab by the state of Maine.

09/13/17 AT 02:31 PM
The people voted and that vote should be respected.

09/13/17 AT 01:52 PM
Let us just continue ignoring the will of the voters! Apathy will be replaced by anarchy!

09/13/17 AT 01:52 PM
Absolutely not! The expense of marijuana is high. Those in the medical program have to outright purchase their expensive medicine and pay tax. No insurance reimburses that medicine. Recreational users will also have medical issues the flower helps them with. The existing cost is too great as it is. It's unfair. It's not a luxury. It beats alcohol use by a landslide. Alcohol is a destructive killer. Why make the purchase of marijuana so difficult? Just flat out the wrong thing to do. Greed?

09/13/17 AT 01:51 PM
In a state with extremely high rates of addiction to heroin and other drugs, I can't believe that we have now legalized a gateway drug such as marijuana. However, since it is legal, we may as well tax it heavily.

09/13/17 AT 12:55 PM
Once again the Legislature is attempting to circumvent a decision made by the voters.

09/13/17 AT 12:08 PM
It should be even higher!