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A leaked report from Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to President Donald Trump recommends amending the executive order that created Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument to promote a “healthy forest through active timber management.” Although that phrase leaves lots of room for interpretation, Lisa Pohlmann, executive director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, served notice to the Trump administration that allowing "commercial logging" in the national monument would "almost certainly trigger a lawsuit."
What do you think should be the timber management policy for Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument?


South Portland
09/27/17 AT 10:25 AM
Why do all lands need to be open to timber harvesting? This land was sold by a commercial timber harvesting business privately to a company for preservation. There are PLENTY of other parcels where it is now more appropriate to timber harvest in the whole Maine Woods!

09/21/17 AT 11:42 AM
If Roxanne Quimby wanted the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument to be forever wild, why didn't she donate the land and her money to Baxter State Park to begin with?
The deal would have been done and done well years ago.

09/20/17 AT 04:25 PM
Once again we have the federal government in our backyard doing what the state, private or local entities could do far more effectively and efficiently. We have enough "forever wild."

09/20/17 AT 04:24 PM
Limited timber harvesting, as part of a sound management program, can be perfectly compatible with responsible environmental stewardship. If it can incorporate educational opportunities, so much the better. Let's not be so rigid in our advocacy so as to automatically reject any notions we might not like at first blush.

09/20/17 AT 03:31 PM
Some timber harvesting and managing the land is good for all. It is my understanding that when an area is just left to go wild, it is more prone to devastating wild fires that destroys everything in its path. Why not manage the program and the land to preserve it well?

09/20/17 AT 01:11 PM
Forest management is important.

09/20/17 AT 12:55 PM
I wish "Don't amend the executive order"

09/20/17 AT 12:45 PM
Leaving it wild was the intention of the donor. Publicly owned property shouldn't make private companies rich. Let them use their own property for their businesses.

09/20/17 AT 12:38 PM
Leave it forever wild...until the whole thing burns down due to improper or non-existent forest management. Just ask the folks in California and Oregon.

09/20/17 AT 12:32 PM
A fourth choice should be "adhere to the intent of those who donated the land."