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It's been about a month since Equifax (NYSE: EFX) disclosed that as many as 143 million Americans could be impacted by a huge security breach of the data it receives from credit card companies, banks, retailers and lenders. In its news release, Equifax disclosed that the stolen information — which it discovered on July 29 — primarily included names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver's license numbers. Maine's Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection is advising Mainers to temporarily freeze their credit report information to prevent unauthorized persons from opening credit accounts in their name.
Have you acted on that recommendation and taken the step of freezing your credit report information with Equifax and the two other major credit reporting agencies, Experian and Trans Union?

09/28/17 AT 01:36 PM
Yes, but I'm appalled that any company gets away with collecting one's personal data, failing to adequately protect them and then have you do all the legwork to protect your own skin. It shows how much control corporate America has over the lives of individual citizens. We've had the corporate fox in the congressional hen house for far too long. Time to switch back to representing Americans rather than corporate interests.

09/28/17 AT 07:16 AM
Here's another example of Maine leading the way (in a good way) with free freezing of your credit report information. Thanks, Maine!

09/28/17 AT 07:15 AM
You can't get through on any of the phone numbers.

09/27/17 AT 04:06 PM
We need to use something other than Social Security numbers for obtaining credit or add a PIN. It's ironic though that the Republican Congress and Trump have been so antsy to either shut down the CFPB or strip them of any meaningful oversight.

09/27/17 AT 02:40 PM
No, I tried but not too happy with the way they are doing this . They ask for your information first and because they're so busy they tell you to call back. Hopefully, your info isn't out floating around.

09/27/17 AT 12:13 PM
Not yet. I continue to hope that all four bureaus (of their own volition or ordered by the courts) will do the right thing and offer credit report freezing as a free ongoing service. I'm not convinced there is an immediate danger. The amount of data, combined with current vigilance, should dissuade the "black hats."