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KÜHL, a privately held outdoor apparel company with $200 million in retail sales in the United States, has filed a lawsuit against L.L. Bean alleging a trademark violation for its “Be An Outsider” ad and branding campaign. In its lawsuit filed in federal court in Utah, KÜHL alleges L.L.Bean's use of that phrase is unauthorized and undermines KÜHL's trademark "The Outsider,” which the Salt Lake City company has used in selling “rugged outdoor clothing” since June 2015.
Do you think L.L.Bean's campaign infringes on KÜHL's 'Outsider' trademark?

10/11/17 AT 12:13 PM
Be an outsider - to me is just a term to get outside not stay in the house. I do not think there is any infringement - I was at Bean's this weekend and saw the marketing piece - this in no way made me think of KUHL's trademark.

10/11/17 AT 12:27 PM
I do not think KUHL owns the word "outsider," and they are being used differently. KUHL's is a noun, L.L. Bean's is a call to action.

10/11/17 AT 12:32 PM
No, but KUHL is getting some good advertising out of it.

10/11/17 AT 01:09 PM
I love that tagline, "Be an Outsider."

10/11/17 AT 12:02 PM
Modern intellectual property law is deteriorating so maybe, but words like "outsider" ...?

10/11/17 AT 12:02 PM
Brilliant on Kuhl's part to sue! They should not win, but the exposure for their brand is worth every penny they are paying their lawyers. Are they going to go after Eric Church for having the song "The Outsiders"

10/11/17 AT 12:42 PM
It probably wouldn't pass the "Are they deliberately trying to confuse customers" test.

10/11/17 AT 12:13 PM
No, common word, if anything it helps Kuhl.

10/11/17 AT 01:53 PM
Nope, but Kuhl sure is getting some good nationwide exposure through the press they're getting.