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In recent weeks county commissioners in Piscataquis and Somerset counties have stated their opposition to the 26-turbine 93.6 million Somerset Wind project proposed by NRG Energy of Houston, citing the negative impact it could have on the Moosehead Lake Region's efforts to rebrand itself as "America's Crown Jewel.”
In the Moosehead Lake Region, should pristine wilderness be accorded greater economic value than clean renewable energy from wind power?

10/23/17 AT 07:39 AM
We need to get serious about climate change, and renewable power is the best way to combat it. If we don't, the "wilderness"

10/18/17 AT 10:15 PM
This is NIMBYism at its best. Also, Somerset County has several wind farms across miles of ridges - what makes one vista more important than another? First we shut down our cheap nuclear power, then we oppose new dams and promote the removal of dams, and now we oppose the "clean" energy from wind farms.

10/18/17 AT 10:14 PM
As rapidly as pristine wilderness is disappearing, I think we should preserve what we have and appreciate the economic advantage it provides. It will not be as much as wind energy now, but in the long-term future, it will be appreciated for what it is and for the vibrant economy it generates. We need to do more forward thinking with nature.

10/18/17 AT 10:14 PM
Yes and no... THERE'S a slippery slope for you. Who will be defining 'pristine' and 'greater economic value'? Should it really be a one or the other solution? Or should there be some balance?

10/18/17 AT 10:14 PM
Wind energy is unnecessary, useless, and unsustainable. It should be accorded zero "economic value."

10/18/17 AT 03:01 PM
People don't travel hundreds of miles to spend time in the North Woods to see wind farms (or golf courses or casinos). The North Woods and the Moosehead Lake Region is an island in a sea of never-ending development. The more it remains intact the more valuable it will become. Cities, towns and suburbia are everywhere; large swaths of unspoiled wilderness is getting scarcer by the day. Maine should do all that it can to permanently protect this part of our state from large-scale development.

10/18/17 AT 01:09 PM
If the benefits of wind power stayed in Maine I might feel differently about these wind projects. From what I have read, the power generated from the wind turbines will all be sent out of state to help other New England states meet clean energy requirements. This does nothing to help lower the cost of electricity in our state. The cost of upgrading the power grid corridors will be placed upon the people of Maine via higher electricity costs to finance the cost of construction. Plundering and devaluing our natural resources to benefit other states is not a good deal for Maine. Once again we sacrifice our natural resources without any benefit.

10/18/17 AT 01:08 PM
I don't think it's an either/or question. There is room for both.

10/18/17 AT 12:49 PM
That would be an unequivocal YES! How many natural resources are we going to pillage and ruin to put up these monstrosities that are staining the countryside? And not even for the benefit of Mainers! How much longer are we going to be subject to the farce that is the viability of wind power? Even if you don't live near them, their intrusiveness invades the night, with bright red lights blinking on and off every few seconds, visible from tens of miles away. All wind turbines in Maine should be banned, let alone allowed in our beautiful Moosehead Lake region.

10/18/17 AT 12:48 PM
We need to develop clean power sources. Hopefully, it can be done to minimize the wilderness impacts.