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The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote soon on a plan to dismantle regulations that ensure equal access to the internet, a concept known as “net neutrality.” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has said he supports an “open internet” and is quoted in Fortune magazine as believing that less regulation is more beneficial to market growth and that broadband shouldn't be regulated like a utility. Proponents of the 2015 regulations that bar internet providers from discriminating how broadband is used fear that dismantling those regulations would encourage telecom companies to charge higher fees for access to certain content and faster service — in effect, creating a “fast lane” and “slow lane” for the internet.
Should the FCC keep net neutrality rules that prevent internet providers from charging customers higher fees for access to certain content or to get faster service?

11/30/17 AT 12:38 PM
Absolutely, we need the net neutrality rules to stay in effect.

11/29/17 AT 12:11 PM
The internet should be regulated like the public utility that it is. Equal access is fundamental to growth and innovation.

11/29/17 AT 02:23 PM
Government regulation limits growth. As an example, cell phones were invented in the 1940 yet, with government control and political dealings, the landline providers were protected by the government until 40 to 50 years later.

11/29/17 AT 02:08 PM
Equal access to the nation's digital network should be fundamental to an egalitarian society. There are ample alternative ways for corporations to generate revenues.

11/29/17 AT 01:24 PM
Our democracy depends on it.

11/29/17 AT 01:24 PM
Keep it 'neutral.' Otherwise, any Maine business or individual will be squeezed out of the market if the big boys are allowed to buy control of the net, in effect.

11/29/17 AT 12:34 PM
I am not usually a big proponent of more regulations but I believe this is a good one because there are areas in many states that do not have more than one company providing internet services and this regulation keeps them in check from gauging these customers that have no other company to go to if they do not like the service or price they are getting. There is not enough competition in this area to let the free market do its job.

11/29/17 AT 12:26 PM
Access to the internet is a public utility just like electricity and water, and probably it will eventually need to be regulated in that way. To deregulate it will simply make it a thing for only the people who can afford it. Visit your local library and see how busy the computers are. Not everyone has a smart phone or unlimited access to a computer like most people who read this magazine.

11/29/17 AT 12:26 PM
Net neutrality is the great equalizer of opportunity and democracy.

11/29/17 AT 12:12 PM
Calling a "yes."