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The Legislature's Transportation Committee will hold a work session this Thursday on LD 1806, "An Act To Ensure Equity in the Funding of Maine's Transportation Infrastructure by Imposing an Annual Fee on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles." As proposed by the Maine Department of Transportation, the bill calls for extra annual registration fees of $150 for gas-electric hybrids and $250 for all-electric models to boost funding for the state's Highway Fund. In written testimony supporting the bill at the committee's Feb. 13 public hearing, MDOT Commissioner David Bernhardt pointed out that as more vehicles move away from “gas dependency and towards fuel efficiency,” the proposed surcharges would “be a way to capture revenue from these drivers, revenue that will support the very system they rely on daily.” But Barry Woods, director of Electric Vehicle Innovation at ReVision Energy, countered: “This tax penalizes good ideas and rewards old technology — technology which sucks money from our economy and pollutes our environment for our children and future generations … What we really need is a comprehensive review of new tax formulas that create adequate revenue while not unduly penalizing improved transportation technology.”
Do you support the proposed $150 annual surcharge for gas-electric hybrids and $250 for all-electric models?