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Maine's Native American tribes are pursuing a legislative order in the Maine House of Representatives that would ask the Maine Supreme Judicial Court whether the tribes can operate casinos here without state approval. The Bangor Daily News reported that Rep. Henry John Bear, who represents the Houlton Band of Maliseets, proposed the legislative order, which would only need House approval under a provision of the Maine constitution allowing the governor, House or Senate to request the state's highest court to "give their opinion upon important questions of law." Bear cited as justification a 1987 U.S. Supreme Court decision about a case in California that lifted gaming restrictions on U.S. tribal reservations as a precedent followed in numerous other states — arguing that once a state establishes casinos, tribes should be allowed to start their own.
Do you support giving Maine tribes the right to start their own casinos without state approval?

02/28/18 AT 08:26 PM
Absolutely 'no' because a casino anywhere in the state affects nearby environment.

02/28/18 AT 12:35 PM
While I support the struggle for Maine tribal rights (including the right to earn a living in the world they find themselves in), after years of third-class treatment, I wish the fight were over something more noble than making money from gaming. Native culture has so much more to offer. Perhaps the tribes could help create a post-consumer society.

02/28/18 AT 12:58 PM
Tribes should be able to plan, develop, and maintain businesses without approval from the State or Feds. However, Maine tribes do not now have the core competencies to initiate and operate casinos so they have to contract those services. Thus, millions of dollars are siphoned away from the business and the tribes. It would be a great advance for tribal members to be able to own and operate their own businesses as individuals rather than businesses operated by tribal government. That rarely works — too much politics and in-fighting.

02/28/18 AT 12:27 PM
Sure, why not! If we dilute the market enough they will all eventually have to shut down. Or we'll create a new market for gambling-addiction services......