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The 128th Legislature adjourned last week without taking action on a number of significant economic issues. Among them: tax conformity proposals (with significant differences between Republicans and Democrats) to better align Maine's tax code with changes in the federal tax codes enacted last December; Medicaid expansion to cover an estimated 80,000 low-income Mainers, which was approved by nearly 60% of Maine voters last November but has stalled over Gov. Paul LePage's insistence on conditions that must be met before expansion can be implemented; several bond proposals, including a $100 million transportation bond and a $75 million bond to modernize and improve facilities and infrastructure throughout the University of Maine System.
Should Gov. LePage call the Legislature back in for a special session to tackle these issues and a spending package to cover currently unfunded bills that had strong bipartisan support?

04/27/18 AT 02:44 PM
Important things left undone

04/27/18 AT 02:44 PM
Yes. These are important issues and we need to resolve them, the sooner the better.

04/26/18 AT 07:51 AM
Among all the needs a bond package can address, funding our university system's facilities to attract and retain our future workforce is absolutely essential! Maine is old and dying a slow demographic death and the university system is our hedge against that fate. Besides, $75 million is about what one high school costs today.

04/25/18 AT 02:38 PM
The Legislature should do its job. It shouldn't fall to the governor to call them back. We the voters should voice our discontent by getting rid of the leaders of the Legislature for failing to do their job and get things through.

04/25/18 AT 12:54 PM
This marginally ethical Legislature needs to stop using party lines as obstacles to passing appropriate legislation and do the work that we elected them to do. This really doesn't seem like that much of a stretch — however, with all the subterfuge and back-room deals to exclusively feather the nest of the party, we the people end up suffering.

04/25/18 AT 12:31 PM
Workforce needs to be our top priority. Investments in our higher education system are solid ways to address our workforce needs. We need those bonds or we will fall behind the other states already making those much-needed investments.

04/25/18 AT 12:14 PM
YES, for Pete's sake, YES! Get your work done...get OUR work done.

04/25/18 AT 12:08 PM
Get the work done!

04/25/18 AT 12:08 PM
Especially on items that the people of Maine have VOTED upon, the Legislature MUST act.

04/25/18 AT 12:03 PM
There are not two sides to this question. There is responsible government or there is the House Republican Obstructionist Caucus (a minority of the involved elected officials in the two houses) that essentially shut down the process for no legitimate reason to avoid losing on the merits of necessary legislation. Begging this governor to do the right thing is a fool's errand but it's where we now stand.