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The National Park Service's proposed transportation plan for Acadia National Park includes recommendations that would require motorists to make reservations for the park's most popular spots during the peak visitor season. The plan's “preferred alternative” calls for a “timed-entry vehicle reservation system” for a heavily traveled section of the Park Loop Road, for the Cadillac Mountain summit road and to park in the North Lot at Jordan Pond House. All other parking lots would be managed on a first-come, first-served basis. Other proposals include: Gradually phasing out right-lane parking, expanding the Island Explorer bus service, expanding some parking areas and relocating a visitor services center on the west side of State Route 3 to the Acadia Gateway Center in Trenton. The park service is taking public comment on the plan until June 26.
Which best describes your preferred solution to Acadia's traffic problem?

05/03/18 AT 12:36 PM
Possibly build a larger parking lot near the border of the park and have shuttle buses take people where they want to go within the park. Have a bike station to rent bikes that you could return at certain locations within the park so that you can use bike transportation as one-way or two-way travel to and from this hypothetically large parking lot.

05/02/18 AT 03:52 PM
Set up a rent-a-bike facility and include the entry fee into the rental charge.

05/02/18 AT 01:06 PM
Finally someone with a brain is beginning to understand the seriousness of the issues surrounding this treasured park. For some this is just another spot on the map that they'll never visit but to those who have been there and seen the beauty, we can see that changes are absolutely necessary in order to ensure that this park remains as beautiful as possible and still allow access to those of us that enjoy it.

05/02/18 AT 12:43 PM
Charge more for entry to Acadia for cars (in addition to per-person fees); and, reduce per-person fees for people on foot, bikes or on the bus. Establish/expand hours when cars can not be in the park and only those on the bus, on foot or bike have access; phase out right-lane parking; require reservations — with cost — for parking at most popular sites.

05/02/18 AT 10:42 AM
Create a 'grand central station' for the Island Explorer, and build it right near the end of the causeway so visitors can't miss it (there could be subordinate hubs in Bar Harbor and at Jordan Pond).