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The recently published “Maine Jobs Project” report concluded that Maine's offshore wind potential could support an annual average of more than 2,100 jobs through 2030. It also made 15 policy recommendation to build up “critical assets for industry growth in Maine” to benefit both the offshore wind supply chain as well as other industries. Policy recommendation No. 6 — “Modernize Economic Development Strategies” — highlights Tennessee and New Mexico as states that successfully used digital media to showcase their unique assets and change previously negative impressions about whether they were a good place to start a business or career. “[Maine] under-performs in overall appeal to new companies,” the report stated, noting that the state ranked 46th in a 2017 ranking of most successful business environments. “In fact, entrepreneurs and job creators around the world are often under-informed about Maine's assets.”
Do you think a positive branding campaign showcasing our state's “unique quality of place advantages” will spur more companies outside of Maine to locate here?