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As reported in Mainebiz last week, the Pittsfield-based Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets has released a new Farmers' Market Trail map for coastal markets from Bath to Lubec. The full-color map features 20 markets and a related brochure includes a description of each market, suggestions for free outdoor activities near each and original artwork depicting each market's character. Leigh Hallett, executive director of the Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets, told Mainebiz the expanded map builds on Maine's strength as a local foods provider — as evidenced by the state's No. 2 ranking on the annual Locavore Index that's based on the number of farmers' markets, community-supported agriculture programs and other initiatives supporting locally grown foods. All together, Maine has approximately 120 summer farmers' markets and 30 to 35 winter markets.
How often do you buy your family's vegetables at a local farmers' market or through a CSA program?

07/18/18 AT 03:56 PM
My family just rejoined a CSA program (we'd been members several years ago and then the farm stopped doing them). I love to buy local vegetables, although until recently farmers' markets always seem to be at inconvenient times or locations. One trend I've liked is for small general stores to sell local produce. Their hours are more convenient that the once-a-week markets and I can combine the vegetable purchases with other errands.

07/18/18 AT 03:56 PM
With the proliferation of glyphosate, neonics and hormones/antibiotics added to our food local, organic is the safest way to go. How many people in their 50's are without a chronic illness that may be associated with tainted food? Our health depends upon a safe, affordable food system.

07/18/18 AT 02:14 PM
Skowhegan is fortunate to have a year-round Farmers' Market, weekly in the spring through fall, and twice per month in the winter (moving indoors to a greenhouse), and I personally spend more there on a yearly basis than at Hannaford and WallyWorld combined. The per-item costs may be more but the quality is far greater. Plus, I like knowing who my finders are!

07/18/18 AT 12:14 PM
We are so lucky to that such a great farmers' market in Portland. I go twice a week.

07/18/18 AT 12:07 PM
I would love to buy at farmers' markets more often, but I am usually working when they are going on.

07/18/18 AT 12:06 PM
We have our own garden so don't buy vegetables that often at a farmers' market.