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This year's cruise ship schedules for the primary ports of call in Maine — namely Portland, Rockland/Camden and Bar Harbor — point to their considerable impact on the state's tourism economy. Portland expects 118 cruise ships will pay a visit this year, carrying more than 170,000 passengers. Bar Harbor will see 180 vessels and more than 245,000 passengers. And for Camden and Rockland, the 2018 calendar published by the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce states that American Cruise Lines will bring two ships on a nearly weekly basis to the ports between May 22 and Sept. 25, with one ship holding 175 passengers and the other 100 passengers. Ten other ships are on the schedule, most in the 140-to-500-passenger range. But the fall schedule includes visits from the Cunard Line's Queen Mary II (2,450 passengers) and Royal Caribbean International's Serenade of the Sea (2,490 passengers). In Rockland, population roughly 7,200, that's sparked a debate over whether the city should be billing itself as a cruise ship destination. Rockland's City Council took an initial step this week toward limiting the number of visits from large cruise ships to no more than six visits per year, with the understanding that the city will develop a long-term harbor management plan.
Which comes closest to your views on Maine’s cruise ship industry?

08/16/18 AT 10:10 AM
Rockland's city councilors are taking steps to severely limit their opportunity for growth. If the city were to take more initiative by investing in their community, they'd see a return on investment in a short amount of time. This would bring many benefits to the residents of Rockland. If I were a resident there, I'd be writing to the councilors today!

08/15/18 AT 01:44 PM
Let's not forget they dump a lot of human waste in the ocean.

08/15/18 AT 01:10 PM
When I take the ferry from the island where I live, it arrives in Rockland. That is where I do most of my in-store shopping. Summer is pretty crowded anyway, but I will make a point of knowing ahead of time when the Queen Mary or the Royal Caribbean will be visiting and plan my day in Rockland for another day. Too many cruise ships will overwhelm Rockland with foot traffic, especially. It might be good in small doses, but my understanding is that many in Bar Harbor regret the number of cruise ships stopping there. A long-term strategy of moderation would be wise.

08/15/18 AT 01:09 PM
While cities like Portland handle large vessels well, maybe smaller communities would benefit by limiting visits to small ships like American Cruise Lines.

08/15/18 AT 01:01 PM
OMG! Once again Maine looks at the negatives and wants to set limits on this instead of looking to the cup half full and make manageable changes that will help their communities thrive. With so many businesses leaving the state, do we really want to turn away these dollars? No we don't! Wake up people, once the ships leave, you will be very hard pressed to get them back, once you figure out they are beneficial.

08/15/18 AT 12:20 PM
Nice to get their vacation money spent in the city but it sure is great when they get back on-board and depart so things get back to normal.