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On Tuesday, the Natural Resources Council of Maine released its 2018 survey on “The State of Electric Cars in Maine.” The survey, based on responses from 33% of the more than 1,300 Mainers who own electric cars, updates NRCM's first survey in 2014. One key takeaway: Most respondents (62%) use their EV for commuting and 30% of those commutes are more than 20 miles each way. NRCM reported that use of public changing stations is growing, with nearly 20% of the respondents saying they had used one more than five times a year (compared to 6% in 2014). Even so, battery range and availability of charging stations remain a big concern for current EV owners and those who are thinking about buying an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.
Should Maine accelerate its investment in public EV charging stations to keep pace with growing consumer demand for all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles?

09/05/18 AT 02:44 PM
So there are over 400,000 cars and trucks registered in Maine (as of 2016). Until there is some significant growth in the 1,300 EVs registered, this is foolish.

09/05/18 AT 07:26 PM
Yes. At the same time, the industry needs to improve capacity so e-cars can travel further per charge.

09/05/18 AT 02:44 PM
Absolutely! Love my fast and efficient EV and want to be able to visit our lovely state of Maine without wondering if there will be a charging station. Once you go EV, you will never go back.

09/05/18 AT 01:43 PM
EV's will be coming in much larger numbers. The automobile manufacturers are ramping up large production numbers.

09/05/18 AT 01:43 PM
In so many ways this completely defies logic: Where does the electricity to recharge electric vehicles come from? It comes from electric generation facilities that supply the electricity from burning fossil fuels. Ergo, the more electric vehicles the more electrical generation capacity is required. This is a self-defeating situation that will have detrimental effects on the environment as a result of demand for electricity from utilities to "fuel" the vehicles.

09/05/18 AT 01:02 PM
I think there needs to be some expenditure by the states to help this along, but I certainly hope Maine and other states are not getting ready to spend hundreds of millions to make this happen. If someone buys an electric car, then it should be up to them to figure out how and where to charge it and expect to pay for such. Why should taxpayers have to pay for EV owners to charge their cars? I pay for my own gas purchased at a business that makes money on the gas. Businesses can build EV charging stations and charge people to use them. Why is the state getting involved? Supply and demand. When there is demand, there will be plenty of supply. But it shouldn't cost me money (taxes I pay) because someone else decided to buy an electric car.

09/05/18 AT 01:02 PM
I'd say yes if the stations are publicly available but are privately owned and users are charged for their use.

09/05/18 AT 12:58 PM
Yes, but the funding source should be private.

09/05/18 AT 12:58 PM
If the state installs they should make sure they put in pay-per-use EV charging stations so that we can recoup the money to install and maintain. And then charge enough to put some money to put in the road repair fund. I'm all for private businesses installing the EV charging stations: they are trying to drive business to their establishment.

09/05/18 AT 12:48 PM
Just like gas stations, this needs to be a free market decision.