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On Tuesday, the Natural Resources Council of Maine released its 2018 survey on “The State of Electric Cars in Maine.” The survey, based on responses from 33% of the more than 1,300 Mainers who own electric cars, updates NRCM's first survey in 2014. One key takeaway: Most respondents (62%) use their EV for commuting and 30% of those commutes are more than 20 miles each way. NRCM reported that use of public changing stations is growing, with nearly 20% of the respondents saying they had used one more than five times a year (compared to 6% in 2014). Even so, battery range and availability of charging stations remain a big concern for current EV owners and those who are thinking about buying an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.
Should Maine accelerate its investment in public EV charging stations to keep pace with growing consumer demand for all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles?