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Two very familiar brands — Weight Watchers and Dunkin' Donuts — have announced this week that they are rebranding. Weight Watchers is rebranding to become WW, to indicate its focus on healthy eating and wellness. Dunkin' Donuts is changing the name of its stores to Dunkin, an experiment that began last year and became official Tuesday. The rebranding will include a refocus on coffee, as well as digital kiosks in stores, bottled drinks and even new uniforms.
Would a major rebranding cause you to try a company/product you haven't before?

09/26/18 AT 01:14 PM
It might - depending on the company and if it offered a product or service that I actually use. Having just gone through a rebrand with OTELCO, with one of the focuses is to refresh the brand to the ever changing market, I totally understand the rationale behind Dunkin and WW, however if I weren't a coffee drinker, it would make no difference where Dunkin is concerned. With WW, it might be different -- it feels better to be eating healthy than to be dieting.

09/26/18 AT 01:14 PM
We are all affected by advertising whether we think we are or not, so yes, if a rebranding was done in such a way that it appealed to me or made me curious about what changes were taking place there, then I would try the product.

09/27/18 AT 07:44 AM
Not if that's all they changed.

09/26/18 AT 01:14 PM
I'm guilty of "armchair quarterbacking"

09/26/18 AT 01:14 PM
The way the question is framed, my answer is "no"

09/26/18 AT 01:14 PM
Usually a decision to try a new brand is a combination of multiple factors, re-branding could be one. More likely it is an advertising, location or new offerings combination.

09/26/18 AT 01:14 PM
No, not in these two cases. But sometimes a rebranding makes it clear that the company's offerings are, or will be, different from the past or from past perceptions. In those cases, the new branding attracts new customers for whom the previous brand offered nothing of interest.