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Postal workers held a rally on Monday, Oct. 8 in front of the Portland Post Office to express opposition to a Trump administration proposal — announced in June by the White House's Office of Management and Budget — to privatize the U.S. Postal Service. Members of several postal worker and letter carrier unions challenged White House claims that the USPS “can no longer support” the universal service requirement of daily mail delivery, six days a week, to 157 million U.S. addresses. They also asserted any selloff of the USPS would lead to both higher prices and service cutbacks for customers.
Do you support selling the USPS to a private company?

10/11/18 AT 07:46 AM
I understand that the government needs to provide some services; however, I also recognize that they aren't the most efficient and effective organization. With that being said I believe a private company could do a better job for less money. Of course the goal would be to pass the savings onto the taxpayers.....but that will never happen....we still need to try.

10/11/18 AT 07:46 AM
HECK no. Change the pre-funding of retirement benefits to reduce its costs.

10/10/18 AT 04:17 PM
Privatizing prisons, war and mail delivery is an awful idea...tipping the balance of power even further toward corporations and profit ahead of the long-term interests of regular people and the planet earth. This sad trend started in the late 1970's and continued through the Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision that allows corporations to unduly influence decisions such as the future of USPS. When will it stop?

10/10/18 AT 01:47 PM
Any government operation that can be sent to the private sector will always be a better-run operation; all the fat and waste will be removed. The unions only make things worse and hold back productivity.

10/10/18 AT 01:39 PM
If you can find the same service in the Yellow pages, the government shouldn't be doing it for two reasons: 1) Let the private market take care of it (capitalism) and, 2) the government will eventually screw it up.

10/10/18 AT 01:26 PM
There is a lot of room for negotiation between the universal service requirement and selling off the USPS. How about some compromise? With the USPS giving a little? I know it wouldn't upset me in the least to not receive mail six days per week.

10/10/18 AT 01:25 PM
The government shouldn't run anything other than our military. They are not suited for it. Classic example — we mail a letter and the USPS can't tell us where it is or exactly when it will arrive. Fedex and UPS both can — very easily. Also, try mailing to Florida and see how consistent the service is: sometimes a letter takes 2-3 days, sometimes 2 weeks. Time to get the government out of it and make it work efficiently.

10/10/18 AT 12:50 PM
Absolutely not.

10/10/18 AT 12:43 PM
It's a service, not a money-making company. [If privatized] they'd cut all but the most lucrative routes.

10/10/18 AT 12:26 PM
If the USPS is to be privatized, it would seem that inefficient / or non-cost effective delivery routes, which would be most rural routes in Maine, would not be served six days a week. Privatization drives to profit. The expectation of the USPS was that it was a service to all residents.