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In less than a month, on Nov. 6, Maine voters will choose the state's next governor from among four candidates: Democrat Janet Mills, a Farmington resident who now serves as Maine's attorney general; Republican Shawn Moody, a Gorham resident who founded an employee-owned chain of auto body repair shops; Independent Terry Hayes, a Buckfield resident who now serves as the state's treasurer; and Independent Alan Caron, a Freeport resident who is a small business owner and founder of Envision Maine, a nonprofit supporting small businesses that took a hiatus when he announced his run for governor. Whoever is elected to succeed two-term Republican Gov. Paul R. LePage, the state's next governor will face significant challenges — the opioid crisis, an aging workforce, the significant economic gap between rural and urban Maine and the high health care and electricity costs, to mention just a few.
Who do you think is best suited to lead Maine on these and other issues?

10/19/18 AT 11:48 AM
Janet and Terry think that spending more is the solution. That is a fallacy as we have no source of the needed revenues except higher taxes. I do like Terry's ability, or so it seems, to deal with both sides equally. Certainly she owes her position to the Rs and some renegade Ds with whom she shared the Legislature.We have no solid idea as to Alan's solutions as the story as not been well broadcast by the candidate. Despite the attack dogs misrepresentations of Shawn, he has created jobs and run a successful business empire. So far, he has shown an ability to think before speaking, and has been less confrontational.

10/18/18 AT 07:57 AM
Please bring back common sense and decency to the Blaine House. Please!

10/17/18 AT 02:00 PM
We need a businessman in the governor's office.

10/17/18 AT 01:08 PM
Janet Mills has been the state Attorney General, so is well equipped to deal with the critical issues facing Maine. She has also demonstrated her role as a check of Gov. LePage and spokesperson for common sense and reasonableness.

10/17/18 AT 12:51 PM
Janet Mills seems best suited to lead the state on these and other issues. She is also best suited to deal with a recalcitrant Legislature.

10/17/18 AT 12:28 PM
We need to elect a governor who will get people off the welfare roles and back to work. Continuing to increase the number of people on welfare doesn't do them any good or the state. I am all for training programs but to continue to pay for people under 45 that could be working is ridiculous and disingenuous. This money would be better spent taking care of our elderly population that has already worked their whole lives and raised families. Maine needs to come up with some real incentives to create an atmosphere so businesses will come here so we can keep our young people from leaving and attract new young people to our beautiful state. Pretty soon our state will be just one giant welfare refuge that is not sustainable. What then. Welfare was originally designed as a safety net and was never intended to be a way of life and to take care of people from cradle to grave. We need to make sure people are accountable for themselves. I do not want to live in a socialist country, if I did, I would move to one. If you want everything free for everyone, please move to a socialist country and see how you like it. I suspect you would be back very quickly!! Be careful what you wish for Maine, you just might get it!

10/17/18 AT 12:19 PM
Real problems require real solutions from people with a track record for success. That is clearly Shawn Moody. Being practical versus academic in real-world situations is what Maine needs.