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Following a recent government study that found high school students' use of e-cigarettes increased 78% from 2017 to 2018, this week the Food and Drug Administration announced proposals aimed at reducing the use of e-cigarettes by teens. The FDA proposals seek to strike a balance between the needs of adults who are transitioning to e-cigarettes as they try to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and the growing problem of teens becoming addicted to nicotine through the use of vaping devices purchased online. Maine Public reported that although Dr. Stephen Meister, president of the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, welcomed FDA's proposals, he wishes they went further and banned entirely the online sales of e-cigarettes.
How should e-cigarette use by teens be addressed?

11/27/18 AT 08:26 AM
BAN e-cigarettes period

11/26/18 AT 08:05 AM
Why is something which is untested, and so potentially harmful, allowed to be used by anyone?

11/26/18 AT 08:05 AM
We have already lost the race here, the vaping industry is slowly destroying the next generation just as the cigarette industry caused cancer and other related lung diseases.

11/26/18 AT 08:04 AM
D) All of the above

11/21/18 AT 01:43 PM
E-cigarettes pose a clear public health threat due to their highly addictive nicotine content. Any and all efforts to limit initial use of nicotine products, especially among youth, should be pursued. The real question is whether we as a society will insist that the public's health consequences - including subsequent suffering of preventable disease and health costs resulting in increased insurance premiums - outweigh corporate interests in reaping profits? If e-cigarettes follow the path of glyphosate and opioids - just to name two obvious examples - we yet again will pay dearly for lack of a rational preventive strategy.

11/21/18 AT 12:56 PM
The only things folks should be inhaling is clean air with oxygen.