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A recent news release sent to Mainebiz carried the provocative headline “Struggling to Find Great Talent? Consider Candidates Without a Degree.” Author Danny Iny, who put out the release to tout his newest book, “Leveraged Learning,” states what Maine companies large and small have been telling Mainebiz for a few years now: With national unemployment rates holding firm at 3.7% and being at nearly a 50-year low, employers are having a tough time finding great talent. No surprise there. It's Iny's next point that catches our attention. “One of the biggest misconceptions among employers is that people MUST hold a college degree to be a viable candidate,” he writes. Employers that hold firm to that requirement, he says, “might well be missing out on the perfect candidate.” Iny encourages employers to switch off the filtering related to education in their application process, consider ditching the resume requirement and ask candidates to perform a task that simulates the job as a way of weeding out candidates, with or without degrees, who lack the required skills. He closes with this reminder: Develop a culture of learning and growth to make sure you continue to develop people after you hire them.
Would your company hire someone without a degree for a job that goes beyond simple manual labor?

11/28/18 AT 09:30 PM
Think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!

11/28/18 AT 04:22 PM
IT jobs. Bring on the 9 year-olds - they know more than the rest of us!

11/28/18 AT 02:22 PM
With the exception of doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers, the majority of people I know have built careers outside the scope of their college majors -- many in completely unrelated fields. I'm much more interested in a person's intelligence, attitude, experience, work ethic and ability to collaborate than I am about their academic pedigree. I've worked with people with advanced degrees from prestigious schools whom I would never hire. On the other hand, some of the most effective and ambitious people I've worked with never had the opportunity to attend college or simply chose not to.

11/28/18 AT 01:37 PM
At this time we are holding on to the requirement for a college degree but this isn't to say this couldn't change in the future. It may take a bit longer to find the right candidate but we have very low turnover so we feel it is time well spent to find the best and right candidate.

11/28/18 AT 12:42 PM
We already do this. We use a resume so that we can gauge experience, but the final decision is done through a sit-down with staff members in the same department plus evaluating how well the candidate performs specific tasks.