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Gov. Paul R. LePage has only a few weeks left in the Blaine House before Gov.-elect Janet Mills assumes office in January. In an Oct. 30 statement summing up his eight years in office, LePage asserted, “Maine's economy is the best it has been in decades, and our people are benefitting.” “Mainers are experiencing strong, record-setting growth,” LePage said. “Maine has a record-high number of employers, a record-high number of private-sector jobs, record-high revenues for the state, record-low unemployment and the fastest-growing net-earnings growth in New England. Our poverty rate has declined to the lowest it's been since 2005, and we have the fewest number of children in poverty in the past 17 years.”
What grade would you give Gov. Paul LePage for his impact on Maine's economy during eight years in office?

12/05/18 AT 04:08 PM
In spite of everything he did to keep Maine in the dark ages, he got lucky and doesn't get an F. Tax redistribution was his most lucky endeavor and he tried to screw that up.

12/05/18 AT 12:32 PM
He's just spouting off unfounded opinions. Whatever growth there was happened in spite of him. He did what he could to hinder our economy.

12/05/18 AT 02:46 PM
I disagree with his position on solar and wind for electricity production. Otherwise I like what he has done for the state of Maine.

12/05/18 AT 04:07 PM
I'd give him an 'A' if he could keep his mouth shut.

12/05/18 AT 07:13 PM
Is there a grade lower than 'F'??

12/05/18 AT 07:13 PM
I think this is embellished. Especially in rural communities. There are more hungry children in the state right now then there have ever been. Maine's economy is not the best it's been. People are assuming more debt then ever before. Those private sector jobs are not jobs where people can work and support families. People are working two and three jobs. I guess it's all in how the statistics can be twisted. Ask the schools how many backpacks they're sending home every weekend with food in them. Cheap!

12/05/18 AT 04:08 PM
The worst. Good riddance to a horrible governor!

12/05/18 AT 03:07 PM
Gov. LePage was not an eloquent speaker. In fact he has often said things I wish he hadn't, but he did what he said he was going to do, and he has definitely had a positive impact on Maine's economy.

12/05/18 AT 02:47 PM
Maine growth lags behind the rest of the country. LePage throttled the infant wind turbine business. He blocked Medicaid expansion, which would have helped hospitals and made workers more productive (you can't work if you're sick). The only reason our income is rising is because voters approved an increase in the minimum wage.

12/05/18 AT 02:46 PM
He failed.