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On her website, Gov.-elect Janet Mills identifies 16 issues that will be among her priorities when she takes office. We selected six that seemed to have the broadest impact, in order to pose this question to Mainebiz readers:
What do you think should be Gov.-elect Janet Mills' No. 1 priority once she takes office?

12/13/18 AT 07:52 AM
I am concerned that a female John Baldacci has been elected. It took 8 years for Gov. LePage to straighten out the financial mess that Baldacci created. Gov. LePage helped the state gain back its financial footing by making some difficult decisions during his tenure.

12/12/18 AT 04:42 PM
A strong education system is the long-term solution to most other issues.

12/12/18 AT 03:19 PM
Clean energy provides multiple benefits: 1) skilled jobs for buttoning up residences/businesses; installing solar/wind/tidal generation; establishing micro-grids; 2) lowering energy costs in the medium/long term; 3) reducing carbon emissions thus helping minimize adverse climate change; 4) reducing dependence on domestic fracking and foreign oil.

12/12/18 AT 02:47 PM
My preference would be to work on the clean energy future as I believe it provides both economic and health benefits. However, a well-crafted plan for Maine's economic future will, by necessity, incorporate clean energy. The action plan for Maine's economic future also touches upon the other 4 options from your top 6. I don't know what the Gov.-elect's other 10 items were.

12/12/18 AT 02:21 PM
Although I picked the opioid crisis, I think Maine's economic future is a close second.

12/12/18 AT 02:21 PM
I run the economic and community development office for Franklin County. Being in a rural section of the state, our needs are different than much of southern Maine. First is reliable high-speed broadband connectivity throughout our region. Second is workforce development (a locally staffed career center with active Department of Labor participation with our productive adult education programs). Everything else listed is important as well. We are a beautiful part of the state with architecturally attractive towns. We need to strengthen "quality of place"

12/12/18 AT 01:45 PM
I would hope Gov. Mills would look at the successes of the past 8 years and build on that. Not spending the surplus, lowering the income tax and work on property tax relief. I am not holding my breath that any of these requests will be even considered. Keeping money in the working man's hand is against the Democrats' platform of tax and spend.

12/12/18 AT 12:54 PM
All I know is she will be doing it on the backs of tax-paying Mainers. To continue to expand hand-outs is not sustainable and we are not doing anyone any favors by taking care of them for their entire lives. What happened to personal accountability and taking care of you and yours? We need to continue to help people stand up on their own and this will in turn help Maine grow. This will also help businesses that need workers. Welfare is supposed to be a stop-gap to help for a small period of time, not a way of life!!

12/12/18 AT 12:40 PM
I was forced to pick something from your poll. The real answer is "none of the above."

12/12/18 AT 12:34 PM
Lower taxes and remove over regulation to create a necessary business friendly environment.