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The Associated Press reported that with just a few days left for a “decent rally” to turn things around, the stock market's performance is on track to being the worst December since 1931. Typically, the AP reported, December is usually the best month of the year for the stock market. But the Standard & Poor 500 index is almost 16% below the peak it reached in late September and is on track to record its first losing year in a decade, the AP reported. The technology-heavy Nasdaq composite is down 19.5% from the record high it reached in August.
Does December's stock market slide cause you to be worried about whether the U.S. economy is on the verge of entering a recession?

12/26/18 AT 12:24 PM
It's just a slight market correction in the big scheme of things. I will just keep buying on a consistent basis (whether the market goes up or down) and things will average out over time. It just happens that I'll be buying low for a while. Unemployment is at a long-time low, overall economy is doing well. When I retire in three to seven years, hopefully it will be back up again!

12/26/18 AT 02:25 PM
Any time the Democrats get control, the economy will suffer. Their platform of tax and spend is bad for the economy and those that have to pay the bills.

12/27/18 AT 07:36 AM
Who knows what to expect with no leadership whatsoever in DC. #Scary!

12/26/18 AT 03:54 PM
But what does worry me is the incompetence at the top with regard to economic policy and I'm not talking about the Fed.

12/26/18 AT 02:47 PM
The current slide may be a market correction, and a reaction to the volatile, erratic executive branch or perhaps deepen into a full-blown recession. One needed improvement: our country would benefit from changing investment incentives from solely shareholder return to include stakeholders, such as employees and members of communities impacted by corporations. With greater employee and community focus, profits could be directed toward investment in innovation and infrastructure vs. dubious stock buybacks.

12/26/18 AT 01:57 PM
Yes, as uncertainty and turmoil continue to pile upon each other the market has become fragile. And it's so unnecessary. I do wish that the man in D.C. who can't lead and won't follow will just get out of the way.

12/26/18 AT 01:40 PM
The Obama recovery could only take so much meddling by our present administration before it stumbled. Let there be no mistake about who owns this recession.

12/26/18 AT 12:03 PM
It is time for a correction to the stock market. It was getting too high. The ups and lows of this month are just the investment people moving things around and making more money before the end of the year. They always give a reason when they have a selloff but it always seems like a pretty lame reason and they just want to get people selling so they can go in and buy with the price down. The financial markets just want more money and they are big enough to do it. The little guy doesn't have a chance. So people who put money into their 401(k)'s have to decide to not put in the tax deferred savings and pay more in income taxes or save on the taxes but lose their money to the greedy investing houses!