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The Portland Press Herald reported this week that at least three bills have been submitted in the 129th Legislature to establish Cabinet-level positions in state government that would be dedicated to addressing Maine's opioid crisis, which has claimed more than 1,000 lives in recent years. In addition to those efforts, Gov. Janet Mills has said she intends to create a new position within her administration to coordinate opioid response services across state agencies.
Do you believe creating a Cabinet-level position will significantly improve Maine’s response to the opioid crisis?

01/17/19 AT 12:28 PM
There is no single more overreaching issue. The majority of crime in our state is related to addiction; it fills our jails, decreases the availability of labor, increases healthcare costs and now spans multiple generations.

01/17/19 AT 07:39 AM
I believe there is a serious crisis in Maine as well as throughout the country. I think Gov. Mill's plan to create a position to address this issue is a great step to address this serious issue. But, I am unsure that a Cabinet-level position warranted.

01/16/19 AT 01:13 PM
Having a cabinet post whose main focus will be finding ways to address this is important. Any progress to assisting those addicted and make their transition to a "sober" life is important.

01/16/19 AT 12:48 PM
Just an expanded waste of tax dollars. Bigger government improves nothing.

01/16/19 AT 12:40 PM
All this will do is create another political position that does nothing except further drain the state's budget without having any ability to curtail the use of opioid drugs by those that make a choice to use those drugs. More government will solve absolutely nothing.

01/16/19 AT 12:29 PM
While the creation of this position will provide more focused attention on the crisis the position, in and of itself, will not "significantly" improve Maine's response.

01/16/19 AT 12:17 PM
It will just create another department in the government that the taxpayers have to fund. They will recommend free needles, but go to San Francisco, Portland (the other Portland), or Seattle and the drug use is rampant and the used needles litter the streets. I was in Seattle last November and I was shocked at how bad it is. Instead of paying another Augusta bureaucrat, let the police officers do their jobs and support/fund our recovery clinics.

01/16/19 AT 12:03 PM
Simply more bureaucracy for taxpayers to pay for!