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With the partial government shutdown nearing the end of its fifth week, 800,000 federal workers face a second round of missed paychecks. Meanwhile an impasse continues in the Senate over President Trump's insistence that any Senate bill to reopen the government must include funding toward building a barrier wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. That's causing growing concern over the shutdown's impact on economic growth — with the Bangor Daily News reporting impacts in Maine range from people depending on USDA-backed mortgages being unable to close on their new homes to federal courts running out of money to breweries being unable to launch new brews because the bureau approving new labels for alcohol products is shut down.
Do you support U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and three other Republican senators who have said Congress should vote to reopen the government and negotiate border security as a separate issue?

01/28/19 AT 05:15 PM
We should not waste money on a wall, but should instead spread the funding

01/24/19 AT 07:53 AM
Although I don't think that is what Collins is now saying.

01/23/19 AT 04:19 PM
While this would seem logical, the liberal agenda is not about logic, but perpetuating hatred of President Trump. Many within the Democratic party have voiced the same border control issues accompanied by support for a barrier or wall in the past, but now because President Trump champions border control for all of the right and logical reasons, these people are supporting their opposite agenda by trying to get what all Americans want, that being to get folks back on the payroll. However, given that, if the issues are separated, the Democrats will continue to stonewall (no pun intended) the proposed wall as they have before. If they truly want to get folks back on the payroll, step up and negotiate a deal that works. After all, they are supposed to be negotiators aren't they, as they are politicians and hired to get things done, not just sit on things?

01/23/19 AT 04:20 PM
Both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are acting like petulant kids, and are not doing the jobs for which they were elected. Sen. King says that the President cannot state "wall or nothing" and call that negotiation. The same goes for the House Speaker: she says there will be no negotiation until the government is reopened. That is not negotiation either. It appears that no one is aware of the word "compromise."

01/23/19 AT 04:19 PM
This is a made-up crisis and the GOP should stop falling for it.

01/23/19 AT 02:48 PM
It's unconscionable and shameful that federal workers are being used as leverage to extract $5.7 billion in taxpayer funding for a vanity project most Americans oppose. The Trump administration had two years to muscle this through Congress when Republicans held a majority in both chambers. It's time for the president to send people back to work and start negotiating in good faith with Congress.

01/23/19 AT 01:41 PM
Absolutely NOT! The Democrats are the holdup and all because House Speaker Pelosi doesn't want a wall built to keep out future Democratic voters. Besides the drugs coming over the border the continuous drain on the social services [welfare] is more than we as a nation should have to undertake. Social Security is almost bankrupt but funding for illegal immigrants never seems to run dry.

01/23/19 AT 01:40 PM
Though I would not support Sen. Collins should she try to run again. Enough is enough.

01/23/19 AT 12:52 PM
The Democrats need to come to the table. This could be solved in a day.

01/23/19 AT 12:44 PM
It would be wonderful if Sen. Collins also called for the resignation of Mitch McConnell as leader of the Senate. That would be a far more profound statement of leadership from our senior senator.