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Super Bowl LIII (53, for those needing a Roman numeral translation) is Sunday, with the kickoff at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium scheduled for 6:30 p.m. ET. For the New England Patriots, it's their ninth Super Bowl appearance since the 2001 season and their 11th in the last 50 years. Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, already considered “greatest of all time” by most observers, would certainly cement that title with a sixth Super Bowl win over the Rams, who are led by third-season QB Jared Goff. In their one and only Super Bowl matchup, in 2001, the Patriots beat the Rams 20-17. Comparing this season's offensive stats, the Rams have the edge over the Patriots in every category: Victories, 13 vs. 11; points per game, 32.9 vs. 27.2; total yards, 421.1 vs. 393.4; passing yards, 281.7 vs. 266.1; rushing yards, 139.4 vs. 127.3.
Who do you think will win this Sunday's Super Bowl?

01/31/19 AT 07:38 AM
And I thought this was a serious news site.

01/31/19 AT 07:38 AM
No homers here!

01/30/19 AT 01:17 PM
Patriots, because that's what we do!

01/30/19 AT 01:17 PM
This will finally be the one that isn't close - Patriots in a blow-out.

01/30/19 AT 01:17 PM
Go Rams!!!

01/30/19 AT 12:27 PM
31-24, Patriots

01/30/19 AT 12:16 PM
Age before beauty.

01/30/19 AT 12:16 PM
However, the Rams are very good at pass interference.

01/30/19 AT 12:05 PM
You forgot to add a "Don't care" choice.