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Last Thursday, addressing the annual meeting of the Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine, Gov. Janet Mills announced she was joining governors from 21 other states who are part of the United States Climate Alliance that's working to meet carbon-emission reduction goals set forth in the Paris Climate accord. In doing so, she said, Maine is adopting a goal of generating 80% of its electricity needs using renewable sources by the year 2030 and 100% by 2050. She also plans to introduce legislation to create the Maine Climate Council, which would create an action plan for achieving those goals.
Do you support Mills’ goals of 80% of Maine’s electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030 and 100% by 2050?

03/06/19 AT 07:40 PM
It is good in theory but if it results in a .32 per gallon tax as they are talking about in Augusta now it's going too far. Unfortunately, I think Gov. Mills is on her way to spending all of our money; hold on to your wallet!

03/06/19 AT 04:16 PM
It depends on a lot of things. Will all of this energy be generated in Maine or will it come from somewhere else? Will NRCM and others allow more wind? Will the main lines coming down from the County ever be upgraded and allow for wind farms in the County?

03/06/19 AT 03:30 PM
Maine is already struggling to attract businesses to our state because of the higher energy costs and now we are going to make businesses pay more to use green energy? We cannot afford to mandate it!!

03/06/19 AT 03:15 PM
As a millennial who someday wants children who don't have to bear extreme climates, I say "Yes, no questions asked!"

03/06/19 AT 02:40 PM
At what cost and what sources are going to appear in the very near future, to keep the lights on day and night? Before we move to the consumption side of electricity, someone should be thinking of the production of electricity and whether the grid can support the demand being created. Who is going to pay!

03/06/19 AT 02:39 PM
Obviously cost will play a part here, but if we don't get STARTED we will regret it. Doing nothing will end up being the most costly.

03/06/19 AT 01:46 PM
And also depends on how she plans to convert the current plants - i.e., who pays - the ratepayers? If so, it will not be affordable!!

03/06/19 AT 01:46 PM
It will increase costs to unprecedented levels and will cause more businesses to leave and prohibit new businesses from coming to Maine. It sounds great until it is put into practice and then people will not be happy. Renewable energy is not at a point that is cost effective and it doesn't look like this will change any time soon. Maine doesn't have enough sustained winds for wind power to work well and other sources (solar) are too expensive and solar farms take up a lot of room to create electricity on a large scale. The climate is cyclical and we are just in a period where it is changing. We need to protect our environment but we should do it with reason and logic, not scare tactics.

03/06/19 AT 01:45 PM
The cost will be exorbitant with no real proof that it will achieve the promised benefits.

03/06/19 AT 01:14 PM
Hydro power is a renewable and clean source that we should be using to its fullest potential first.