Energy inventor eyes Yarmouth test site

BY The Mainebiz News Staff


A California inventor is looking to Yarmouth as a test site for a $9 million water-to-hydrogen energy technology.

Ronny Bar-Gadda, founder and CEO of Genesys LLC, has targeted Maine for his patented technology that generates hydrogen and other gases from water, for use as clean energy, according to the Portland Press Herald. The pilot project would use discharge from Yarmouth's wastewater treatment plant and hydroelectricity from the Royal River to produce the gases and supply energy for the plant and potentially other town buildings. Genesys has spent seven years developing the technology and is seeking out test sites in Yarmouth and New Mexico for commercial applications.

The proposal is in the early stages, Bar-Gadda told the paper, but said Maine's small population and interest in energy independence make it an attractive place for a pilot project. "If we could show this works in Maine, it would be an example for the nation," he said. Bar-Gadda was introduced to Yarmouth through David Swardlick of Swardlick Marketing Group in Portland, who lives in Yarmouth.

The proposal is under review by town officials and has not yet been brought to the town council, but could be presented before Bar-Gadda pitches the proposal to potential investors in Portland on May 20. The company would also need to obtain federal permits and raise capital, a likely three-year process, according to the paper. Some of the project's $9 million price tag would be paid for with federal funds.

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