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Hydro dams implicated in large-scale fish kills

Thousands of dead fish have been discovered at two sites in Ellsworth and Brunswick over the past week and conservation groups say they've been asking state and federal agencies as well as a dam...

Following EU decision, Swedish officials go solo on lobster concerns

Thought the recent news that the European Union put the brakes on a proposed ban on the import of live U.S. lobsters was the end of the story? Think again.

Regulators set to make ruling on upcoming scallop season

How large will Maine’s scallop fishing season be? Fishermen in the state will soon find out.

EU puts the brakes on proposed lobster import ban

The proposed ban on the import of live lobsters into the European Union has been snuffed, after the EU's Committee on Invasive Alien Species told Swedish officials that the American lobster isn't an...

On Isle au Haut, Maine's economic woes are magnified

James McCarthy |

Isle au Haut, six miles long and two miles wide, is one of 15 year-round island communities in Maine, yet is among those with a tenuous hold on year-round sustainability. It faces many of the issues...

Select mud flats reopen for shellfish harvesting

Some mud flats in Downeast Maine that were closed for shellfish harvesting after the Department of Marine Resources detected a marine neurotoxin were reopened on Thursday.

$4M waterfront expansion could help bring Belfast ferry-building jobs

Front Street Shipyard's construction of a 21,700-square-foot building on Belfast's waterfront could lead to the shipbuilder landing a major contract to build ferries for New York City and more jobs...

Downeast economy already reeling from clam flat closures

Mud flats along the coast of Downeast Maine have been closed to clam digging after The Maine Department of Marine Resources detected a type of marine neurotoxin that could afflict clams and other...

#MBNext16: Tom Adams globally exports an iconic Maine brand

James McCarthy |

Since founding his York-based shellfish company Maine Coast in 2011, Tom Adams has achieved an enviable record of yearly double-digit growth. Top-line sales hit $15 million in 2012, $25 million in...

#MBNext16: Drew Lyman's forward-thinking looks to the future, while still honoring Maine's boatbuilding past

Laurie Schreiber |

In recent weeks, Drew Lyman, president of Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Inc., logged meeting after meeting with customers, crews and vendors before heading to Rhode Island to represent his company at the...