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Health care

Shuttered Brunswick health care provider files for bankruptcy

Brunswick-based Merrymeeting Behavioral Health Associates has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy almost two months after its abrupt closure left 180 without work and hundreds more of its clients without...

Cutting weight, health care costs with employee wellness programs

Laurie Schreiber |

Dan Bookham enjoys his work at Allen Insurance and Financial, where he's the business development director and a commercial insurance producer at the firm's office in Camden. But over time, he became...

How To: Use meditation and mindfulness to help your business

Nancy Marshall |

I recently did a podcast with digital marketing expert and author Stephen Woessner called "Onward Nation" in which I revealed that I have been using hypnotherapy for several...

As costs rise, employers look for the next perfect-fit coverage plan

Jennifer Van Allen |

Like a lot of small business owners, when Nancy Marshall went to renew the health insurance policy for her 14 employees last fall, she was in for some serious sticker shock. Deductibles were jumping...

Why one healthcare nonprofit leader is optimistic about costs

Andy Webber |

In my position as the leader of a nonprofit membership organization that works to improve the quality and lower the cost of health care, I find myself in frequent conversations with...

Keeping up with a changing health care landscape

Every business out there is thinking of how to cut costs.

Kennebec Technologies' employee wellness program goes beyond physical health

Jennifer Van Allen |

Kennebec Technologies has invested millions of dollars in recent years in new precision manufacturing equipment and technology. But some of the company's most valuable investments have been those the...

How To: Figure out the legal implications of workplace wellness programs

Patricia Lambreti |

Workplace wellness programs can create many positive changes in employee health and office culture, but employers sponsoring a wellness program should also be aware of federal and state...

As Maine businesses grow, so does the prevalence of wellness programs

Laurie Schreiber |

Good health, according to those in the wellness field, is good not only for employees, it's good for employers, who save on medical plan costs and absenteeism, and find that these sorts of programs...

Maine isn't the only state with new health care laws

Laurie Schreiber |

Amid all the changes in health care, it might be useful to take a brief look at laws and initiatives underway in other states around the country.