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Human resources

Gov. LePage signs tip credit restoration bill into law

Gov. Paul LePage signed into law a bill allowing employers to pay tipped employees half the state’s minimum wage.

Why don't team building efforts improve team effectiveness?

John Shorb, The Delphi Group Inc. |

Q: Why do team building efforts, like social gatherings and special recognition events, rarely seem to translate into real improved team effectiveness?...

Applicant tracking systems add to hiring woes

Rich Grant, Brunswick |

Re: the editor's letter of the June 12 issue on the difficulty of finding qualified workers.

Maine workers rank No. 1 nationally for taking vacations

Renee Cordes |

When it comes to taking time off from work, Mainers outshine their peers in all other states, according to a new report.

Maine State Chamber, Educate Maine unveil plan to close state's 'skills gap'


The Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Educate Maine unveiled today an ambitious plan to close the skills gap for Maine employers by doubling in three years the number of students enrolled in...

Lawmakers pass 'equal pay' bill as step toward removing pay gap for women


The Maine Senate and Maine House have passed a bill sponsored by Sen. Cathy Breen, D-Falmouth, to fight the gender wage gap by requiring employers to pay fair, market-based wages regardless of their...

State lawmakers override veto to pass safe drinking water law


In strong bipartisan votes in both the House and Senate, the Maine Legislature ​overrode ​the ​governor’s​ veto​ of safe drinking water legislation.

OSHA reports six on-the-job fatalities for 2015-16

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration reported 136 severe injuries and six fatalities in Maine for the 2015-16 workplace safety reporting period.

Portland girls just wanna network: Regional Chamber launches forum

Renee Cordes |

A new Portland women’s networking forum is off to a running start after Monday’s kickoff at the Press Hotel.

Flowfold teams with nonprofit to support training of immigrant women


Flowfold, an expanding outdoor brand focused on minimalist gear for everyday adventures, partnered with Women United Around The World to sell one-of-a-kind handbags to raise awareness and money for...