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Human resources

Mercy Hospital offers early retirement buyouts

As part of an effort to cut expenses as it plans to consolidate operations at its Portland-based Fore River location, Mercy Hospital has offered early retirement buyouts to 99 employees.

New chair of Maine Insurance Association a familiar face

Staff |

Michelle Ibarguen, the Augusta branch manager and president of the independent insurance provider Cross Insurance, has been appointed chairwoman for the board of the Maine Insurance Association.

Women in business: Wherefore the gender question?

Lori Valigra |

During a recent interview with Deanna Sherman, president and CEO of Dead River Co., the inevitable question of gender in the executive suite came up. Inevitable, I say, because gender disparities in...

The ripple effect of Jackson Lab's base-pay boost

The increase of minimum wage at Jackson Laboratory is getting praise from some politicians and educators in the state, with its rolling-out and effect on the community at large adding more talking...

Fed funds awarded for telemedicine and rural broadband access

Staff |

Maine continues to get significant funding boosts from the federal government as four school districts and MaineHealth, a rural health care provider, have been awarded a total of $1,644,596 through...

Nurse walkout looms at Aroostook Medical Center

The Aroostook Medical Center in Presque Isle is facing a two-day strike from 200 unionized nurses if the medical center doesn't add nursing staff, a goal that they've sought for at least five years...

How To: Turn new federal overtime rules into a competitive advantage

Art Boulay |

The new federal overtime rules will more than double the threshold for employers to avoid paying overtime when salaried employees work over 40 hours — moving from $23,660 per year to $47,476...

How To: Argue, properly

Jim Milliken |

This very intense, very intelligent guy startled me by saying something I never had heard before. He interrupted a vigorous argument with me by saying, “You know, Jim, I see your point now. I...

How To: Avoid moving from one bad job to another

Rob LeVine |

You're looking to move on from your job. You dutifully made your list of “likes” and “dislikes” for your current job. The last thing you want to do is end up at a new job with...

Help wanted: Tyler, Wayfair and SaviLinx searching for 1,700 workers

James McCarthy |

The prospect of hiring up to 550 new workers over the next decade, including dozens of highly coveted software developers and IT specialists, isn't keeping Tyler Technologies' Christopher Hepburn and...