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Chainsaw-wielding robots? Just another day at Howe & Howe Technologies

A Waterboro tech firm will be providing a helping-hand to a 16-foot tall, chainsaw-wielding battle robot.

UMaine says 'cheers' to trend for more science in craft brewing

Lori Valigra |

UMaine food science and human nutrition professors Jason Bolton and Brian Perkins developed a course, FSN 121 Brewing with Food Science, and taught it over the past three years. Their idea caught on...

Can hop-growers, maltsters and brewers make a truly Maine beer?

Lori Valigra |

That's just what local craft brewers and some government officials want: a truly Maine beer, with Maine-grown and processed ingredients. The side benefits are higher prices for farmers producing...

‘Buy American’ provision makes it into 2017 DoD bill

Staff |

U.S. Sen. Angus King successfully added a provision to the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act that he and Sen. Susan Collins have been pushing for that would require the Department of Defense to...

No slowing Sea Bags proliferation, as trio of new stores opening

Staff |

More tourists and Mainers alike will be sporting upscale tote bags made from recycled sails, as Sea Bags, the Portland designer and manufacturer of hand-crafted, upscale totes and accessories, has...

Bixby & Co. owner named Tory Burch Foundation fellow

Staff |

Kate McAleer, the owner of the Rockland-based craft candy bar company Bixby & Co., has been named a Tory Burch Foundation fellow, receiving a $10,000 business education grant and a trip to New York...

Rubber division of Sanford manufacturer sold

Five of the 33 employees of the Sanford-based manufacturer Expanded Rubber Products will be laid off following the company's sale of its foam rubber line to Mossup, Conn.-based manufacturer Griswold...

120 without work following closure of Keiser Homes

The Oxford-based modular home manufacturer Keiser Homes has closed, leaving approximately 120 people without work as part of the reported bankruptcy filing of its parent company, the Mechanicsburg,...

Craft brewers soak up locally sourced and processed grains

Lori Valigra |

Rising Tide Brewing Co. said it plans to use some Maine-grown and processed grains in every batch of beer it brews. Buying from local growers and processors is a new trend in Maine as malthouses and...

Olympic team to sport shoes handcrafted in Lewiston

The U.S. Olympic team will be sporting red, white and blue leather boat shoes handcrafted by the Lewiston-based shoemaker Rancourt & Co. during the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2016 Olympics...