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Funding for western Maine nonprofits in question

Several nonprofits in western Maine are facing declining revenues after some communities have voted to decrease or completely cut taxpayer-supported funds.

Nonprofits project lower donations after tax change

The Maine Association of Nonprofits estimates that a cap on tax deductions to nonprofits passed last year will reduce overall donations by up to $30 million.

Foundation awards $668K to five Maine advocacy groups

Augusta-based Maine Health Access Foundation has awarded $668,017 to five statewide advocacy organizations, with a goal of ensuring that Maine policymakers understand and advance...

Cross acquires Willis NNE

Cross Insurance has acquired all the Willis Northern New England operations in Maine in a merger that Cross CEO Royce Cross says cements his company’s position as the largest...

How to manage an endowment for a nonprofit


The term "endowment" often suggests larger nonprofits, such as hospitals and colleges. However, a nonprofit of any size may choose to create an endowment. In fact, most...

Maine Farmland Trust approaching 2015 fundraising goal

The Maine Farmland Trust has raised $18 million of a $50 million goal that the organization would use to protect farmland and bolster the state’s agricultural sector.

Lawmaker drafts bill targeting patent trolls

State Sen. Anne Haskell, D-Portland, has proposed a bill that aims to curb the practices of patent trolls, where companies acquire patents without any intent to use them, and...