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Small Business

Charity theft case takes toll on Camden business

A Camden business is closing later this month in the wake of former owner Russell "Rusty" Brace facing allegations of embezzling $3.8 million from a local charity he led...

MTI awards $2.5M in grants and loans

Lori Valigra |

The Maine Technology Institute awarded about $2.5 million in 33 grants and loans to entrepreneurs in nine Maine counties in this year's third quarter.

CEI, Morgan Stanley to boost small businesses

A new lending partnership between Wiscasset-based CEI (Coastal Enterprises Inc.) and Morgan Stanley is expected to benefit small businesses in Maine and the Northeast.

UPDATED: Maine voters OK $50M in bonds

Maine voters on Tuesday approved six state bonds that are expected to benefit small businesses, the agriculture and marine industries, as well as cancer and disease...

Business is brewing: Craft beer's national growth is reflected in Maine

Dylan Martin |

Twelve tourists load into a bright green short bus called "Mabel" on a crisp fall afternoon, after paying around $75 each and knowing that the next six hours have been...

Google: Brunswick has Maine's strongest digital economy

Google said in a new report that the town of Brunswick has the strongest digital economy in Maine, citing the strong online presence of small businesses located there.

Rockport businessman faces second lawsuit

A Rockport business owner being sued for allegedly embezzling $3.8 million from the charity he led for 17 years is facing another lawsuit, this time from a local business he...

Organic ingredients, organic growth for Bixby chocolate bars

Peter Van Allen |

Bixby & Co. is headquartered on Rockland's working waterfront. Yet, in the tradition of entrepreneurs and hard workers everywhere, the company's young owner, Kate McAleer, has an...

Portland gets federal funds to boost startups

Dylan Martin |

The greater Portland area has been selected as one of eight communities in the country to receive funds from a federal program that aims to help small businesses grow and create new...

Lee Auto chair invests in energy efficiency startup

Dylan Martin |

Adam Lee, the public face and chairman of Lee Auto Malls, has resisted investing in a great many deals over the years, real estate investments included. But he recently changed his...