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Maine slides to 48th in construction job growth

Employment statistics from Associated General Contractors America rank Maine 48th in the country for construction job growth, based on 700 fewer construction workers being employed at Maine companies...

Freedom farm finds nothing’s free about name

A small family farm in Freedom is planning to change its name after being sued by a multinational tomato-growing firm over a trademark dispute.

Maine wins bid to host 2016 Arctic conference

Maine will become the first state in the contiguous United States to host an Arctic conference in 2016 that is expected to attract senior officials and experts from 20 countries.

Chinese banks show interest in Maine exports

A top Chinese diplomat and representatives from several Chinese financial institutions attended the Maine International Trade Center’s annual conference Thursday.

Portland may host Arctic conference

Portland may be the host for a 2016 international forum that would focus on environmental and economic issues concerning governments and indigenous people in Arctic territories.

Looming risk: Foreign exchange concerns grow as Maine expands international trade

Lori Valigra |

The strong U.S. dollar stretches buying power for Americans traveling overseas, but for businesses, large currency fluctuations can eat into revenues and competitiveness.

A wild fishery tamed: Maine elvers are in demand in Asia, but quotas limit catch

Laurie Schreiber |

Starting in late March, hundreds of fishermen leave the cozy warmth of their homes, prepared to spend the freezing night or dawn hours along coastal estuaries. Navigating slippery banks...

Exports boost lobster: Demand from Asia boosting sales at York shellfish dealer

James McCarthy |

Seafood was Maine's leading export in 2014, with its total value of $456.67 million topping the No. 2 export commodity of paper and pulp products by almost $100 million. And the biggest...

How does limiting debate on TPP trade agreement serve the public?

James McCarthy |

In October 2011, more than a year before his election as Maine's junior U.S. senator, Angus King wrote a commentary for Bowdoin College's student newspaper suggesting that free trade...

Iceland's nice, but don't ignore Asia

Peter Van Allen |

This issue of Mainebiz has a focus on exports and imports.