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How To: Broach the tough topic of 'money' with your life partner

Andrew Silsby |

As a banker, I believe there's no bad time to chat about your family finances with your significant other.

Make IT investments that improve your business

John Sterling |

IT strategy is becoming increasingly important, and the new year is a good time to revisit the key components of your strategy. Your technology should make your business better, whether...

How to: Handshake, or a hug? How do you decide which is appropriate in the workplace?

Nancy Marshall |

We're reading every day about harassment in the workplace and #metoo. You may be wondering how to apply that to your company and workplace.

How To: 5 points to consider in deciding whether ESOP is right succession tool for your company

David Schneider |

Is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan the right succession tool for your company?

How To: Implement a successful workplace wellness program

Diane Abramson |

A well-designed workplace wellness program can significantly reduce employer health care costs while increasing employee retention, motivation and morale. Wellness programs have been...

How To: Turn macro trends into long-term profits

Catherine Reilly deLutio |

The best Maine businesses know that long-term success means looking beyond industry fads to the macro economic and demographic trends that influence long-term profits.

How to: Choose a trustee

Caitlin DiMillo, Mainebiz contributor |

Trusts are used for a variety of reasons. Whether the goal is to reduce taxes on the transfer of family wealth, ensure the intended disposition of assets for a non-traditional family, or...

How to: Avoid the high cost of a data breach

Sterling Kozlowski |

In August, the Equifax data breach left more than 145 million Americans vulnerable to identity theft. Sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, addresses and consumer names...

How to: Attract great candidates and commit to 'customer-like' communication

Leslie Rothman |

Drawing on data gathered from greater Portland job seekers and clients of Career & Workplace Directions, we've concluded that there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to...

How to: Boost and manage your career

Barbara Babkirk |

Do you cringe at the thought of changing jobs or transitioning to a different career? If so, then you're probably not managing your career or recognizing your professional value.