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Bates 'off to the races' with record-setting $19M in donations

A new Digital and Computational Studies program, to begin in the fall of 2017, will join a trend in computer science, one of the fastest-growing majors in the country.

Craft brewers ferment more than beer as they aim to revive neighborhoods

Lori Valigra |

“At one time people knew their neighborhood brewer,” says John LeGassey, co-owner of recently opened Fore River Brewing Co. in the Cash Corner area of South Portland. “People are...

Unified Lewiston-Auburn government considered

The Lewiston-Auburn Charter Commission has released a draft charter proposing the unification of the two municipalities, the Sun Journal reported.

Technology-to-mill-town trend continues

The trend toward revitalization of Maine's traditional mill towns has received big boosts lately, as technology firms find their way to these historic areas, arrivals that tie in with city and...

Lewiston mayor: City needs to improve its image

Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald, sworn into office Monday, said the city needs to buff up its image.

Auburn improvement goals include new investment

Efforts to create a walkable “New Auburn Village” and a riverside greenway in Auburn will move into the next phase Thursday, the Sun Journal reported.

Tech support firm that promised 300 jobs in Maine sued for allegedly scamming customers

Paul Koenig |

Washington state sued an India-based tech support company that announced over the summer it would bring 300 jobs to Lewiston, saying the firm routinely scams customers into buying unneeded software...

Eight Maine hospitals face Medicare penalties for safety scores

The federal Medicare program is fining eight hospitals in Maine for their infection and complication rates, including Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital in Portland.

Lewiston tech consulting firm aims to make safer computer networks, smarter factories

James McCarthy |

Lewiston-based consulting firm aizoOn USA recently returned from pitching its cyber-security software at a Department of Defense showcase, but it also advises companies on utilizing 3D printing for...

Struggles of Maine health insurance cooperative highlight challenges facing other co-ops

Paul Koenig |

The news that the only health insurance co-op in the nation to make money last year on the Affordable Care Act's public insurance exchanges is suspending individual enrollment adds to doubts over the...