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Law firms are jumping into the new development field created by 'Opportunity Zones'

Maureen Milliken |

It's rare that the word “exciting” and tax law are joined in the same sentence, but excited is what everyone from attorneys to developers are about the new Opportunity Zone tax benefit.

Women have a growing presence in law firms, but lag behind men in leadership roles and pay

Laurie Schreiber |

While women have a growing presence in law firms, the number of women drops off as they rise in the ranks. And their compensation drops. To address the problem, Maine law firms are looking to even...

Small but mighty: Startup law firms are making their mark in Maine

Renee Cordes |

In Maine, the lure of launching a solo or small practice is popular, sparking a fresh crop of startups across the state. In fact, more than half of registered lawyers, 56%, work at firms with fewer...

Maker of nautical-chart jewelry mulls bigger footprint in weddings, corporate gifts

Renee Cordes |

Charlotte Guptill is a self-taught jewelry designer — and former mortgage loan officer — who founded CHART Metalworks in 2008. Her Portland startup, acquired...

Here are a few reasons why some consultants are better than others

Bernard Mohr of Innovation Partners |

Given the mix of subject-matter and problem-solving competencies you need in a consultant, how you establish the relationship can make all the difference. Here are some tips to maximize your chances...

Deals, deals, deals: Maine companies are hot property

Peter Van Allen |

The recent acquisition of Waterboro-based Howe & Howe Technologies, maker of sophisticated off-road and robotic vehicles for the Army, is just the latest in what is shaping up as a...

Will the business outlook improve in Maine under Gov.-elect Janet Mills?

Peter Van Allen |

Gov. Paul LePage's impact on business will likely be debated for some time.

Front Street Shipyard’s Building 6 now ‘open for business’

Staff |

A 22,500-square-foot facility that enhances Front Street Shipyard’s ability to work on large vessels at its Belfast yard is now open for business.

Startup goes digital to help Rangeley businesses keep more shopping dollars local

Staff |

An innovative new website launched by Rangeley Trading Co. is being hailed by the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce as a perfect showcase for local businesses that will help keep more shopping...

York, Kittery wrestle a centuries-old border disagreement

A developer's plan for property in York is prompting the town and neighboring Kittery to resolve a border discrepancy that dates to the 17th century.