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Will the business outlook improve in Maine under Gov.-elect Janet Mills?

Peter Van Allen |

Gov. Paul LePage's impact on business will likely be debated for some time.

What do infrastructure and transportation have to do with Maine’s labor shortage? Plenty.

Peter Van Allen |

It may not be surprising that in an issue about transportation and infrastructure, we're once again pounding the drum about the labor shortage.

2018 Next List: Meet the entrepreneur next door

Peter Van Allen |

In this issue we honor 11 business people who are changing the Maine economy for the better.

Maine's startup landscape: Bug spray, potato tracker, elder care app

Peter Van Allen |

We all have our own mental image of a "startup." Whether the idea is formed by pitch competitions like Greenlight Maine or Top Gun, the Wall Street Journal or Inc. magazine or...

USM is committed to 'workforce development'

I could not agree more with a letter you published recently from Thomas Harmon (See letter to the editor,...

Adaptation goes with the territory

Peter Van Allen |

This issue of the Bangor and Northern Maine focus looks at a region that's undergoing major changes.

USM arts center is not the answer

I have been a reader of Mainebiz for several years and enjoy the publication a great deal. I have a startup business in Scarborough and commute between Manhattan for other income, to...

Women to Watch: 10 years of honoring female business leaders

Peter Van Allen |

This year Mainebiz takes note of 10 years of honoring the Women to Watch.

Give Forbes the facts

To the editor:I've read your editorial agonizing over the annual Forbes magazine ranking. Here's a thought. Why stop there? Hopefully, your readers...

What do all these 'business climate' lists add up to?

Peter Van Allen |

We run lists all the time that offer Maine's economy or business climate in the context of the United States.