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Updated: September 26, 2022 How To

Find and engage the next generation of donors in Maine

As any Realtor and they’ll tell you, Maine is attracting and gaining new residents. In 2021 alone, Maine’s residential real estate market rose by 22% from 2020. Coupling that data with the fact that many Millennials are moving back to Maine and staying closer to home, the state is rich with new and socially conscious individuals who are seeking causes and leaders to get behind and support.

Alyssa Wright

For nonprofits, this presents an incredible opportunity to welcome and engage these individuals and their families. But how to do so? Below are several tactics to try as you map a plan to meet, greet, and solicit your next generation of donors in Maine.

Be active on social media

The next generation is on social media and often, before moving to a new location, they scope out organizations, influencers and businesses in the area they are moving to. Make sure your social media presence is welcoming and your website is up-to-date. The last thing you would want is a potential supporter heading to a website with events posted from 2021 or 2020. Make sure there is a clear way for folks to engage as they go from social media postings to your website and eventually, to meeting you in-person!

Develop cool and creative partnerships

Whether it’s a local brewery or farm, people new to Maine often head to the local ‘hot spots’ for food and beverage as they get to know a community. While developing partnerships with larger corporations may benefit you in the form of a grant or sponsorship, don’t overlook the opportunity to get in front of a large group by partnering with the hip new restaurant in town or the local mushroom farmer. These folks likely have a good social media following too and can promote your mission to help you gain followers.

Hang out with local Realtors

Reaching out to local real estate agents in your area can prove helpful so they know about your upcoming events and can invite their clients. Plus, some have a mechanism for giving and tend to donate part of their commission when they sell a property to a local cause they care about. It’s a win-win!

Attend regional and national events in philanthropy

Watching a webinar on women’s philanthropy or joining a conference focused on multigenerational giving could help you to connect with people who visit Maine seasonally and/or have a connection to Maine and would want to support here. Check out the Women’s Philanthropy Institute for events as well as the National Center for Family Philanthropy for gatherings, fellowships, and events.

Ask your current donors for connections

It always surprises me how many organizations do not ask their current donors, ‘hey, what causes do your kids care about?’ There are so many missed opportunities to cultivate your next generation of donors by simply asking your current base how to get them involved. This is especially important because many of them are living in multigenerational settings now, presenting a great opportunity to invite them to get involved with an organization that their family has already invested in.

We must be ready for the next generation of philanthropy. Socially conscious, digitally savvy and engaged, these donors are looking for meaningful and effective ways to help you drive impact and make a difference for people and the planet. Connect with them today!

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