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Updated: August 30, 2023

Must-Have Health Plan Benefits for 2024

Before we know it, 2024 will be upon us. And with the new year comes new opportunities for employers to reevaluate and refresh their benefits packages. When it comes to health plans, Maine employers have options, but the question is, do these health plans offer the benefits that employees and their families want?

At Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a Point32Health company, we recognize the value of providing health plan offerings that meet and exceed the expectations of a diverse workforce. In doing so, we are working to do our part to help Maine employers create comprehensive, whole-person benefit programs that empower employees to care for themselves and their families.

Here are some must-have health plan features for 2024: 

Family and caregiver-friendly benefits

Did you know that some 43.5 million Americans have served as unpaid caregivers to an adult or child in the last year alone? These additional responsibilities often come with additional stress that can sometimes impact a person’s ability to bring their best selves to work. From offering backup childcare services to paid parental leave, employers can better assist their employees by offering support that addresses the needs of a growing “Sandwich Generation” through the introduction of care concierge benefits. These services help with finding and booking medical support for aging relatives, ultimately lightening the load for caregivers.

Inclusive health plans for a diverse workforce

To better support today’s diverse workforce – including ethnic groups, women, individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and those with disabilities – more employers should be integrating tailored benefits into their offerings. As the workplace and workforce continue to evolve, inclusiveness, equity and flexibility are more important than ever. Employers and payers can rise to the challenge together by delivering benefits that support a diverse employee population’s need.

Essential mental health care support

Offering a variety of behavioral health care options—in terms of format and providers—can increase a benefit package’s impact. Some individuals prefer in-person therapy, while others find teletherapy and digital mental health tools a better fit for their schedules and needs. To meet the needs of the majority of employees, it’s essential that employers offer health plans that provide options for mental health support.

At Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, we are committed to being with our members on the path to better health, every step of the way. No matter where you are on your journey, turn to a trusted, local partner. Our health plans are crafted with local decision-making in mind, based on what you and your family need — nothing else. 

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