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Mergers and regulations: Two decades of change in banking


One thing Bill Ryan learned during his long career in banking is that there is opportunity in every situation — even a major banking crisis.

Current Edition | Energy & Utilities

Oil, propane expected to remain stalwarts as Mainers try new energy sources

Lori Valigra |

When natural gas installations went on a tear last year, potential industrial and residential users looked forward to saving lots of money on what was perceived to be a less expensive,...

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Current Edition | Manufacturing

An industry, changed but still viable: One man's tale of Maine manufacturing

Dylan Martin |
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Current Edition | Communications

Growth engine: Faster broadband seen as essential for Maine's economy

Lori Valigra |
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State reprimands medical marijuana specialist

The state has reprimanded a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana for unprofessional conduct at a "medical seminar" he held in Orono early last year.

Feds give $600K to two Maine health groups

Two Maine health organizations are each receiving $600,000 in grant funding as a way to encourage consumers to sign up for insurance.

Maine bike trek boosts local businesses

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