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IDEXX, Unum Group go beyond the cubicle with open office spaces

Laurie Schreiber |

IDEXX wanted to do away with the old-style rows of cubicles and high partitions with its latest expansion.

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It's states vs. feds as Congress rules on GMO labeling

Lori Valigra |

In an effort to head off what was seen as a patchwork quilt of state labeling laws for foods that contain genetically modified organisms.

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WEX tracking to become $1B company by year's end

James McCarthy |
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Flowfold drafts former Putney manager as COO

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Real Estate & Construction

Waterville YMCA to get its own mini-Wrigley Field, sans-Billy Goat's Curse

Staff |
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Environmental group takes on PUC over Efficiency Maine budget

The Conservation Law Foundation is suing the Maine Public Utilities Commission in Maine Supreme Judicial Court, arguing that the PUC is not making full use of allotted energy efficiency incentives.

LePage budget would reportedly cut 1,500 state jobs

In a memo sent to his commissioners earlier this month, Gov. Paul LePage said that he wants to cut approximately 1,500 state employee jobs, in addition to slimming down state spending as part of an...

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