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Why the Island Institute decided to offer a 12-week paid parental leave

Rob Snyder |

Nonprofit organizations like the Island Institute are not exempt from the pressures of the bottom line. In fact, we are just as mindful of budgets as for-profit businesses because we are...

Why one healthcare nonprofit leader is optimistic about costs

Andy Webber |

In my position as the leader of a nonprofit membership organization that works to improve the quality and lower the cost of health care, I find myself in frequent conversations with...

With ESOP, business owner and employees can both benefit

Succession issues are a constant topic of conversation in Maine. With baby boomers looking to retire and/or bank some equity from their businesses, there are a lot of "for...

The foibles of new technology

Lori Valigra |

The first time I observed just how frustrating new technology can be to consumers unfamiliar with it was in the lobby of a bank in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Mass.

Hospitality no small industry in Maine

Back when I was a mere vacationer in Maine, spending a week or two at a time in Castine, my wife and I were always surprised to meet so many people who both lived in Maine and vacationed...

The wit and wisdom of Pineland Farms Potato Co.'s Rodney McCrum

James McCarthy |

I've interviewed hundreds of people in all walks of life during my 30-plus years as a working journalist, and have learned something from every one of them. Few have been more colorful...

Navigate new EMV chip-card standards

Patty Sanville |

If you have not transitioned your payment systems to comply with EMV chip-card standards, you are now liable for chargebacks related to counterfeit card fraud.

There's much to celebrate at Brunswick Landing

James McCarthy |

Without question Brunswick Landing's redevelopment is accelerating after gaining traction thanks to the persistent efforts of the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority team ably led by Executive...

Politics & Co.: Should utilities be allowed to lease electric heat pumps to customers?

James McCarthy |

The question of whether utilities such as Emera Maine should be allowed to lease electric heat pumps to their customers is proving to be as challenging for lawmakers as it was for the Maine Public...

Master the art of storytelling to build your company’s brand

Nancy Marshall |

Everyone loves a good story. The best stories include elements that people will connect with and remember, then share with their tribe of family and friends. Sharing our clients' stories...