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Utah vs. Maine wasn’t the point


I hear a lot about Maine businesses struggling with regulation, work force issues and an overall challenging business climate. Visiting Utahn Alan Hall certainly brought up some salient...

'Encore entrepreneurs' can be a growing resource in an aging state


There have been conversations lately about Maine's uncertain future, due in a large part to its graying population.

An ACA primer for 2015

Ellen McPherson |

The final regulations for the "shared responsibility" provisions (also referred to as "pay or play") from the Affordable Care Act were released in January. This...

Cooperation proves a winning strategy for Maine credit unions


In April 2004, six Maine credit unions came together to create the shared branch network in Maine, with 11 locations. In the 10 years since, the network has grown to include nearly 90% of...

Here’s why high net worth people leave Maine


Mainers with high net worth or substantial income are finding more and more that they can significantly lower their tax burdens — in life and death — by becoming residents of...

Medicaid expansion proposal could reshape House debate

Two Republican lawmakers laid out a bill Tuesday that would have Maine expand Medicaid under the federal Affordable Care Act, at the same time implementing other changes to the...

IRS changes offer savings for commercial property owners

Greg Bryant |

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of tax regulations around commercial real estate can be a full-time occupation. Case in point: On Jan. 24, the Internal Revenue Service issued...