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A community model for inspiring young women to STEM achievement

Kathryn Woodson Barr |

The founding of the Sisters of Mercy, a religious congregation dedicated to the concerns of women and children, was inspired by Mother Catherine McAuley's confrontation with poverty and...

Freedom farm finds nothing’s free about name

A small family farm in Freedom is planning to change its name after being sued by a multinational tomato-growing firm over a trademark dispute.

Making energy cheaper, cleaner and more predictable

Martin Grohman |

As a newly minted member of the Legislature, I wanted to be on the Energy, Utilities and Technology committee. My goal is for Maine to have the cheapest, cleanest power in the nation. I...

How does limiting debate on TPP trade agreement serve the public?

James McCarthy |

In October 2011, more than a year before his election as Maine's junior U.S. senator, Angus King wrote a commentary for Bowdoin College's student newspaper suggesting that free trade...

Wick Johnson: 'We continually underestimate the vibrancy of the Maine economy'

I like your focus on real business in Maine. We continually underestimate the vibrancy of the Maine economy and often miss the point when we try to stimulate growth. Maine is really a...

TIFs benefit more than businesses

Shana Cook Mueller |

While the availability of programs to promote economic development for municipalities are few and far between, Maine law provides one important tool — tax increment financing.

Maine's business leaders are about more than the bottom line

Peter Van Allen |

It's always good when a reporter comes back from an assignment and says, "Oh man, we talked for three hours!"

Like the real estate motto, Maine offers location, location, location

Peter Van Allen |

During hard times or hard winters, Maine and Mainers chug along. Yet there are always those asking how Maine can grow and prosper.

CEOs need to understand workplace safety

Edwin W. “Bill” Morong |

What If you held the cure for cancer or heart disease in your hands? How would it make you feel? Would you share it with the world?

On Steve Jobs, disruptive technologies and finding the innovative spirit in Maine

Lori Valigra |

On Jan. 30, 1984, a tall, slender young man in a double-breasted suit stood alone at the corner of Clarendon Street and St. James Avenue, bracing against the cold Boston evening, his eyes...