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Like the real estate motto, Maine offers location, location, location

Peter Van Allen |

During hard times or hard winters, Maine and Mainers chug along. Yet there are always those asking how Maine can grow and prosper.

CEOs need to understand workplace safety

Edwin W. “Bill” Morong |

What If you held the cure for cancer or heart disease in your hands? How would it make you feel? Would you share it with the world?

On Steve Jobs, disruptive technologies and finding the innovative spirit in Maine

Lori Valigra |

On Jan. 30, 1984, a tall, slender young man in a double-breasted suit stood alone at the corner of Clarendon Street and St. James Avenue, bracing against the cold Boston evening, his eyes...

Out-of-state worker recruitment aided by various programs

Jennifer Van Allen |

Portland's fastest-growing companies are working hard to recruit the workers they need. As they do, a slew of city, state and public-private efforts are underway to make Maine more...

As Aroostook goes, so goes the rest of Maine

Peter Van Allen |

Back in October, when Senior Writer James McCarthy and I first paid a visit to Aroostook County, potatoes were not the only things on our minds.

Taking inspiration from a podcast about starting a podcast business

Dylan Martin |

For the longest time, I never considered myself as having the traits of an entrepreneur. Of course, I'm not going to start my own company, nor do I plan to any time soon.

Education and diversity key to growth in Maine

Peter Van Allen |

Education and diversity in Maine are hot topics now.

LePage administration's reform list includes business initiatives

Peter Van Allen |

State government is back at work and lawmakers are already losing sleep drafting bills for the legislative session.

What's in store for the future?

Peter Van Allen |

Questions about Maine's economy and where it's headed are asked throughout the year.

A tweet providing food for thought

James McCarthy |

Until about two months ago I was an unapologetic Luddite when it came to social media like Facebook or Twitter. Staying off Facebook has been, and still is, an easy call: I cultivate the...