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Maine needs TIFs that would benefit communities, businesses and workers

Jennifer McKenna |

Many Maine communities use Tax Increment Financing to provide incentives to corporations and developers to attract new jobs and jumpstart major construction projects, from business parks to hotels to...

To the Editor

Thank you for your comments in the September 5 Editor's Viewpoint in Mainebiz. You very politely tiptoed around some issues that many people in Maine need to better understand and appreciate. Maine...

Businesses wrestle with higher health care costs

This issue's focus on health care and wellness touches on an issue that's at the heart of every business's expenses. What seems like a soft cost for preventative care can take an unexpected turn,...

If you’re reading this, you likely have more than one specialty

I had an interesting conversation with another of Portland's new coffee purveyors. Vagabond Coffee is a food truck that frequently occupies a space on Middle Street. The owner, William...

Without mentors we’d have no leaders

Our publisher Donna Brassard likes to point out that women-owned businesses fared better in the recession. That's because collaboration and communication are at the heart of anything run by a woman.

Word-of-mouth advertising has subtle meanings

It's always interesting to me how businesses can thrive while being completely under the radar. One company immediately comes to mind: Warren Construction Co. in Freeport does not have a sign on its...

Letters from Mainebiz readers

I look forward to each and every issue of Mainebiz — you are the best. I always enjoy going through the Fact Book: Doing business in Maine [of July 4], and thank you and your staff...

Everybody’s got an opinion about Maine’s energy costs

One of the most common complaints we hear from business leaders is Maine's high cost of energy. Is it a fact or myth?

How To: Scale up your business

Tove Rasmussen |

Scaling up a business is a fun challenge and key to Maine's economic growth. Maine has 28,000 businesses with four to 19 employees, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. If these...

How To: Run a 'lessons learned' session

Jim Stewart |

It should be mandatory at the end of every project — and, if possible, at the end of every phase — to run a lessons learned session. And not only run it, but make sure that it's...