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Well-known economist leaving Maine

Charlie Colgan, a well-known economist who had served on the state’s economic forecasting panel for nearly two decades, is leaving Maine after losing his faculty position at...

How to create the aura of an icon

Doug Packard |

Becoming "iconic" means leaving a legacy to those you care about — where your actions and your beliefs serve as a model for how to conduct a life. You don't have to walk...

In international trade, you can get there from here

Lori Valigra |

Mainers set the bar for bootstrapping their own businesses, but when it comes to thinking beyond the state's borders, particularly globally, many stop short, citing a lack of time or...

Maine's varied industries tell a larger story

Peter Van Allen |

This issue of Mainebiz includes stories that look at some traditional industries, including farming and lobstering, and how they fit with where Maine is headed.

How to protect your business against cybercrime

Jeff Lind |

The staggering increase in data breach and cybercrime events for large and small businesses is costing billions of dollars in preventive and recovery measures. These malicious events have...

How to get to know lawmakers and let them know your industry matters

Andrea Cianchette Maker |

While people debate the original source of the quote, "No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session," as either Judge Gideon J. Tucker, in...

Nexters: Old-fashioned Yankee inventiveness

Peter Van Allen |

Much is said about Maine's innovation community and how to get the word out about what's going on here. There's also debate about the definition of "innovation."

Utah vs. Maine wasn’t the point


I hear a lot about Maine businesses struggling with regulation, work force issues and an overall challenging business climate. Visiting Utahn Alan Hall certainly brought up some salient...

'Encore entrepreneurs' can be a growing resource in an aging state


There have been conversations lately about Maine's uncertain future, due in a large part to its graying population.

An ACA primer for 2015

Ellen McPherson |

The final regulations for the "shared responsibility" provisions (also referred to as "pay or play") from the Affordable Care Act were released in January. This...