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Why no mention of the architects?

The January 9th issue was exciting, as it presented many of the commercial projects happening here in Maine. Very exciting! I'm very surprised, however, and disappointed at how none of...

'Worker gap' continues to plague Maine employers

We continue to hear about lengths companies go to find qualified employees.

Maine needs TIFs that would benefit communities, businesses and workers

Jennifer McKenna |

Many Maine communities use Tax Increment Financing to provide incentives to corporations and developers to attract new jobs and jumpstart major construction projects, from business parks to hotels to...

To the Editor

Thank you for your comments in the September 5 Editor's Viewpoint in Mainebiz. You very politely tiptoed around some issues that many people in Maine need to better understand and appreciate. Maine...

Businesses wrestle with higher health care costs

This issue's focus on health care and wellness touches on an issue that's at the heart of every business's expenses. What seems like a soft cost for preventative care can take an unexpected turn,...