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Tapping creativity can be like climbing a mountain

Lori Valigra |

In a September National Geographic article, climber Mark Jenkins tells how he and his team tried, and only barely failed, to summit Hkakabo Razi (KA-kuh-bo RAH-zee) in Myanmar. They...

Build an effective online media room in 10 steps

Nancy Marshall |

Anytime journalists are looking for information on your company, they will inevitably start by looking at your website. If you have a tab for "Media Room" or "Press...

Use your most valuable asset — your contact list

Nancy Marshall |

Ask any seasoned business leader to reveal the secrets to success, and one of the first things he or she will mention is a strong contact list.

Post-hike reflections on Katahdin region's economy

James McCarthy |

I had a lot of time to think as I completed an 11-mile hike up and down Katahdin in Baxter State Park with my 26-year-old son, Nick, in mid-August. None of it had anything to do with the...

Don't overlook Maine's downtowns

Downtowns in transition is not a new theme. We in this country have been talking about downtown renewal, "urban renewal," for half a century, going back to the flight to the...

Some legal implications of wellness programs

Anne-Marie L. Storey |

Wellness programs have many well-documented benefits and a growing number of employers offer them as a way to control health care costs. But wellness programs also come with some...

At least 35 jobs to be cut at Charleston prison

The change of Mountain View Youth Development Center in Charleston from a youth to an adult prison will result in at least 35 positions being cut, according to the Maine State Employees Association.

A community model for inspiring young women to STEM achievement

Kathryn Woodson Barr |

The founding of the Sisters of Mercy, a religious congregation dedicated to the concerns of women and children, was inspired by Mother Catherine McAuley's confrontation with poverty and...

Freedom farm finds nothing’s free about name

A small family farm in Freedom is planning to change its name after being sued by a multinational tomato-growing firm over a trademark dispute.

Making energy cheaper, cleaner and more predictable

Martin Grohman |

As a newly minted member of the Legislature, I wanted to be on the Energy, Utilities and Technology committee. My goal is for Maine to have the cheapest, cleanest power in the nation. I...