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A tweet providing food for thought

James McCarthy |

Until about two months ago I was an unapologetic Luddite when it came to social media like Facebook or Twitter. Staying off Facebook has been, and still is, an easy call: I cultivate the...

Business community should focus on USM's potential

Michael Bourque |

The University of Southern Maine has, understandably, been in the news a lot lately. Budget cuts, layoffs, decreased enrollment and student retention issues have led to a significant...

Another thing about Maine: It doesn't shut down after Labor Day

Peter Van Allen |

If you're a summer visitor to Maine, as well as you think you know the state, there are often some commonly held misconceptions.

The strategy of ‘impact’ investing

Peter Taylor |

Impact investing is a hot topic in foundation, investor and government circles. There is a Social Impact Investing Task Force involving the nations in the G8. JP Morgan Chase, Morgan...

A successful businessman talks about his failed campaigns

Peter Van Allen |

The ongoing discussion about whether Maine is business friendly is not unique to this state or any other. Economic development is on everyone's minds because it drives job growth, but...

Readers weigh in on brain drain and young Mainers

Just finished reading the Nov. 17 Mainebiz and felt I had to write. In two different stories, you wrote about "young Mainers" and reaching out to younger...

Hey Forbes, here are some businesspeople that aren't bad-mouthing Maine

Peter Van Allen |

When I moved to Maine last spring there were still bad feelings over a list that ran in Forbes in September 2013, "The Best States for Business and Careers," which...

Don’t overlook tourism and recreation as economic drivers

Dick Rasor |

In the early 1980s my client, U.S. Steel, was suffering from the general economic downturn and import issues constricting the domestic steel industry. Chairman David Roderick stood before...

What business wants from the next governor

Peter Van Allen |

By the time you read this, you are either getting ready to get to the polls or you have already voted. Yet this Election Day proved once again that Mainers will not sit idle: political...

On living in Maine — and making a living in Maine

Peter Van Allen |

I've had several discussions recently about my perceptions about Maine's business climate. While I feel like I need to qualify these observations by saying that Pennsylvania is still a...