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How To: Diversify your investment portfolio

Michael R. Walp |

Many of us today can expect to live many years in retirement. Diversifying money across a range of investments helps protect our portfolios from events we cannot foresee, it reduces the...

Ask ACE: How can I ensure accurate understanding of instructions?

Answered by Jim Milliken, Project Management Consultant |

Q: How can I ensure accurate understanding of instructions? Even when communication seems really excessive, it's hard to get the right result.

What’s the best way to get a new leader up to speed?

Answered by Stephen Jenks Ph.D, Greyledge Consulting |

Q: What's the best way to get a newly hired or promoted leader up to speed?

How to: Make manufacturing cool again

Nancy Marshall |

The "Five on the Future" Event hosted by Mainebiz recently reaffirmed that manufacturers and other businesses are having a hard time attracting employees. What I used to call...

How To: Lead with courage, compassion and wisdom

Jim Bouchard |

There's a lot of talk about courage and compassion in leadership today. That's terrific, these are two essential qualities for effective leaders. I'd add wisdom, too.

How to: Protect your brand by trademarking

Jordan Payne Hay |

Many business and service providers operate for years without considering whether they should trademark elements of their business. The most common way people think of (and see)...

How To: Run a more effective meeting

Jim Stewart |

I read an article a while back regarding the topic of meetings. According to a study, the typical American professional attends over 60 meetings per month, approximately 50% of meeting...

Expanding a part-time business to full time

Answered by Jim Casey, Casey Communications |

Q: I have a promising part-time business, and I'd like to expand it to full time. I need to identify possible new customers and the competitors I might face in a...

How To: Create opportunities that keep employees engaged

Robert Carmichael |

People often ask how my 27-year career in the military influences my work in human resources and training in a credit union. Some expect a caricature of a hard-knock military officer...

Take advantage of new tax incentives for year-end equipment financing

Stephen Krolikowski |

Forward-thinking business leaders should consider acquiring new or updated equipment before the end of 2016 to take advantage of legislation that both expands deductions and extends depreciation...