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How to prepare for a tax audit

Jaclyn Johnson |

Within the last year, the IRS announced that we should expect an increase in partnership audits, small business audits and non-cash company audits. Yet, early in 2014, we were informed of...

How to balance work life during the holidays

Nancy Marshall |

In college I remember it seemed as if there was often a competition as to who had the most work to do. There was a certain one-upsmanship when it came to having more papers, lab reports,...

How to handle conflict in the workplace

Jim Milliken |

Conflict in the workplace is a very personal thing, and it can be frightening, paralyzing. We live comfortably with differences, and we can handle disagreement. Conflict, though, is a...

How to avoid costly overtime violations

Glenn Israel |

Failing to properly track and pay for overtime work can be very costly. Wal-Mart settled an overtime claim in 2012 for $5.29 million; Morgan Stanley settled a claim for $4.2 million in...

How to create the aura of an icon

Doug Packard |

Becoming "iconic" means leaving a legacy to those you care about — where your actions and your beliefs serve as a model for how to conduct a life. You don't have to walk...

How to protect your business against cybercrime

Jeff Lind |

The staggering increase in data breach and cybercrime events for large and small businesses is costing billions of dollars in preventive and recovery measures. These malicious events have...

How to get to know lawmakers and let them know your industry matters

Andrea Cianchette Maker |

While people debate the original source of the quote, "No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session," as either Judge Gideon J. Tucker, in...

Manage bad news and stem morale issues

Jim Milliken |

I had botched it — badly. Unmistakably. An assignment had gone well, and it was obvious the organization could use further help.

Keep independent contractors independent

Eric J. Uhl |

"Contract laborers," "freelancers," "casual workers," "contract employees" — all fall under the category of independent contractors.