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How To: Effectively negotiate a technology vendor contract

Joshua T. Silver |

One of the draws of technology management is the thrill of riding the wave of exciting new stuff. But with growing concerns over data security, executives and IT departments must work closely to...

How To: Calculate the social return on investment to make better decisions

Rachel Bouvier |

Many projects fail to be accepted by the community or encounter unexpected roadblocks, even though they seem profitable on paper. Just because a project has a financial benefit doesn't mean that it...

How To: Turn new federal overtime rules into a competitive advantage

Art Boulay |

The new federal overtime rules will more than double the threshold for employers to avoid paying overtime when salaried employees work over 40 hours — moving from $23,660 per year to $47,476...

How To: Argue, properly

Jim Milliken |

This very intense, very intelligent guy startled me by saying something I never had heard before. He interrupted a vigorous argument with me by saying, “You know, Jim, I see your point now. I...

How To: Avoid moving from one bad job to another

Rob LeVine |

You're looking to move on from your job. You dutifully made your list of “likes” and “dislikes” for your current job. The last thing you want to do is end up at a new job with...

How To: Work with your commercial lender to grow your business

David M. Eldridge |

Spring brings growth and new activity. In the commercial lending world, it's also when small- and mid-size businesses get serious about launching, growing or expanding. We celebrate...

How To: See value in negative role models

Rob Levine |

My first manager spoiled me. He looked out for me, pushed me to succeed and left me alone. He made it a point to constructively correct bad behavior, and was always there with public...

How To: Protect a small business from computer disaster

Nick Knowlton |

According to a recent CNN Money article, there are an estimated 1 million malware threats released every day. Many businesses, however, fail to implement appropriate security for their network and...

How To: Avoid the 5 temptations of success

Doug Packard |

A successful leader of a large organization that I met with recently remarked during our first interview, "Doug, I don't spend much time second-guessing myself."

How To: Sublet your way around a commercial real estate shortage

Justin Lamontagne |

At its most basic level, subleasing gives tenants an opportunity and right to find replacement tenants for their own space if things change.