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Stand out in a sea of sameness

Nancy Marshall |

Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” In business, as in life, it pays to be memorable. Of course, you want to be remembered for the right things. Have you...

Keep an aging workforce on the job

Kate Foley |

Keeping your workforce healthy and on the job is a simple tenant of productivity. However, studies clearly indicate that work-loss days increase with the age of the worker. Adhering to that simple...

How To: Finance the physical growth of your business

Will Hatt |

At some point, spare bedrooms, home kitchens and cramped offices not only inhibit capacity, but also limit a company's stature. Investing in a commercial property or renovation can help operational...

How To: Create a working business plan

Stephen Lovejoy |

Many small business people think of the business plan as that thing they had to do to obtain financing for their business. While that is one way to describe a business plan, it isn't the right one.

How To: Craft tax savings for breweries with the federal R&D credit

Matt Pore |

Maine is the proud home of a number of microbreweries, with frequent startups placing us among the top breweries per capita in the nation. Legitimate reduction of income taxes is one way a new...

How To: Communicate after a data breach

Linda Varrell |

While companies tend to have disaster recovery plans that emphasize restoring critical systems, communication plans are too often ignored until after a data breach. An oversight of this kind at the...

How To: Effectively negotiate a technology vendor contract

Joshua T. Silver |

One of the draws of technology management is the thrill of riding the wave of exciting new stuff. But with growing concerns over data security, executives and IT departments must work closely to...

How To: Calculate the social return on investment to make better decisions

Rachel Bouvier |

Many projects fail to be accepted by the community or encounter unexpected roadblocks, even though they seem profitable on paper. Just because a project has a financial benefit doesn't mean that it...

How To: Turn new federal overtime rules into a competitive advantage

Art Boulay |

The new federal overtime rules will more than double the threshold for employers to avoid paying overtime when salaried employees work over 40 hours — moving from $23,660 per year to $47,476...

How To: Argue, properly

Jim Milliken |

This very intense, very intelligent guy startled me by saying something I never had heard before. He interrupted a vigorous argument with me by saying, “You know, Jim, I see your point now. I...