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How to turn an idea into a business

Christine Williams |

Every three days or so last summer on the island of Vinalhaven, I made the drive into town to stock up. I popped into the grocery store, stopped by the wine shop and checked in at the...

How to work smarter and market your company more effectively

Nancy Marshall |

In marketing, being busy isn't always a good thing.

How to understand Maine’s system for real estate assessment

N. Joel Moser |

When in receipt of a tax assessor's request for additional information, also known as a Section 706 request, it is hard to find any redeeming value, especially when commercially sensitive...

How to establish trust in your business relationships

Nancy Marshall |

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said that if people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will do business with you. In my 30 years as a businesswoman in...

How to prepare for a tax audit

Jaclyn Johnson |

Within the last year, the IRS announced that we should expect an increase in partnership audits, small business audits and non-cash company audits. Yet, early in 2014, we were informed of...

How to balance work life during the holidays

Nancy Marshall |

In college I remember it seemed as if there was often a competition as to who had the most work to do. There was a certain one-upsmanship when it came to having more papers, lab reports,...

How to handle conflict in the workplace

Jim Milliken |

Conflict in the workplace is a very personal thing, and it can be frightening, paralyzing. We live comfortably with differences, and we can handle disagreement. Conflict, though, is a...