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How Mainebiz works for advertisers

Mainebiz provides marketers with access to Maine's affluent, educated business community of decision-makers via multimedia formats. Whichever media format or combination of media you choose, Mainebiz helps you reach your marketing and sales goals by:

  • Reaching inaccessible decision-makers
  • Supporting your direct sales efforts
  • Stimulating word-of-mouth advertising
  • Creating a favorable impression and reputation for your brand
  • Keeping current customers sold
  • Engaging your customers and prospects
  • Introducing your brand to the state's business community

Advertising opportunities

Mainebiz is the state's only audited, subscription-based business publication

Mainebiz enews products offer access to an even more exclusive, targeted audience

With over 20,000 unique visitors per month, offers interactive marketing opportunities

You can get face-to-face with your customers by sponsoring a Mainebiz event