Dana Totman of Avesta Housing in front of the nonprofit's Pearl Street project

Portland housing developers struggle to meet market needs

A walk down Pearl Street in Portland's Bayside neighborhood produces sights and sounds of bulldozers moving frozen earth and contractors laying a building foundation. The activity...

Source: Maine Public Utilities Commission

Sides line up in renewables debate

Douglas Rooks |

A referendum to double Maine's standard for new renewable electricity generation will not be on the ballot in 2012 — but the battle lines are already forming for its likely...

Mary Ellen Camire, professor of food science and human nutrition at the University of Maine, holds a purple potato. She’s leading students in research on Global Protein’s corn-derived food coatings.

A Waterville company hopes its corn protein patents will create products and jobs in the potato industry

Bob Mentzinger |

Those seeking locally grown advances in agriculture haven't "zein" anything yet.

This season’s scant snowfall worries snow-reliant industries

Bob Mentzinger |

It's almost an axiom in Maine. When the snow comes down, profits go up.

Gina Weathersby, the new chief of the Institute for Family-Owned Business, is expanding resources for Maine’s family-run businesses

The new chief of the Institute for Family-Owned Business expands resources

Jonathan White |

Established in 1995 by third-generation auto magnate Shep Lee of Lee Auto Malls, the Institute for Family-Owned Business has been providing resources and support to enhance the chances a...

Focus on Greater Portland
Robert Bruce, left, and Colin Snyder launched online game BoodleUP to promote local products

Portland venture aims to change advertising paradigm


Two Portland-based entrepreneurs have received $400,000 in seed money for a venture they hope will change the paradigm of online and...

Portland's tight-knit network fosters the growth of tech startups

Russell Voss Founder, Voss Consulting Group LLC |

Tech startups are not synonymous with Maine, but some tech-based companies are calling Greater Portland home. While geographic location...


Landlords can expect better negotiating positions in 2012

BY Justin Lamontagne

I am an admitted real estate nerd. I like talking about it. I like reading about it. And, obviously, I like writing about it. So it...

Money matters

BY Mal Leary

Income taxes fall short


Maine's highest-paid public company executives

Ranked by total annual compensation, 2014

RankName and title, company, locationTotal annual compensation (1)/Salary
1Melissa Smith, president/CEO, WEX Inc., South Portland$4,499,803/$515,048
2Jonathan Ayers, president/CEO, Idexx Laboratories Inc., Westbrook$4,325,266/$800,00
3Brian McKeon, EVP/CFO/treasurer, Idexx Laboratories Inc., Westbrook$3,405,857/$496,153

(1) Total annual compensation includes salary, bonus, stock and option awards, non-equity incentive plan compensation and change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings, where applicable. According to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, public companies must report compensation paid to their CEO and four other highest-paid officers. Generally, companies are not required to report salaries of employees earning less than $100,000 per year. Some executives may no longer be in the same position or at the company.
S O U R C E : U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission company proxy statements (14A); each company's financial statements./Compiled by Roger Magnus.

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