January 21, 2013

State report shows projected winners and losers by sector

The Center for Workforce Research and Information recently released its Job Outlook to 2020, which revealed some surprising employment trends in the state of Maine.

Among the expected: Nine of the top 10 projected growth occupations are in the medical field, based on occupations with at least 250 people. Among the losers: Postal workers are projected to have the highest percentage of job loss, while production-type occupations are also expected to drop.

The analysis is based on 2010 job figures and extrapolated out to 2020.

Not surprisingly, education corresponds to the top-paying occupations: The nine highest-paying medical professions require a doctoral or professional degree; the top-paying non-medical occupations require a bachelor's degree or higher.

But education isn't a factor in the highest volume of job growth. Among the largest projected number of annual openings, only one occupation in the top-10 requires more than a high school diploma.

Take a look at a breakdown of some of the data in the chart below or at the Maine Center for Workforce Research and Information's website.


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