Large company runner-up: OTTO Pizza

Photo / Courtesy Otto Pizza
Photo / Courtesy Otto Pizza
Mike Keon and Anthony Allen, founders and co-owners of OTTO Pizza

OTTO Pizza

576 Congress St., Portland

Founded: 2009

Top leaders: Mike Keon and Anthony Allen, founders/co-owners

?Sales growth 2013–15: 82.49%

Number of employees: 490


How would you describe your company’s core mission?:
Since we never formalized our mission statement, we are now taking the time to pause, take stock, fully define and reaffirm those core values.
​What were the key factors in your company’s growth?:
We live in a highly competitive market. We had the confidence to scale the concept in other markets. We would be remiss to not factor in our willingness to take on significant risk, enthusiastically. Some of the biggest moves we made flew in the face of conventional wisdom.
How have you adjusted to the rapid growth?:
We realized that our success relies on a higher level of organization, and more specialized team members and have been filling in the foundation along the way.
​Do you have plans to hire additional employees?:
We’re always hiring, due to the nature of the restaurant industry, but we are taking initiatives to increase retention.
What can we expect for 2017?:
Our focus in 2017 is not on additional locations, but on growing what we have already built: food quality, service, process, culture, systems and technology. We look forward to continuing our year-over-year same-store sales.