CMP asks PUC to dismiss Jackman residents' complaint

BY Staff


Central Maine Power has asked the Maine Public Utilities Commission to dismiss a complaint filed by 10 of its customers in the Jackman area, saying their allegations of unreliable service are without merit.
At issue is the Dec. 13 complaint filed by 10 Jackman residents asking PUC to investigate what they said was a “surge in power outages for the Jackman area from 2013 to present” and to “hold CMP accountable to provide reliable service at a reasonable price for the residents of Jackman and surrounding communities.”
Their complaint alleges that “CMP’s deteriorating liability and frequent lengthening outage periods are due to a diminished workforce, lack of parts inventory in trucks, old brittle and outdated wires and equipment, moving our power source to Wyman (which effectively doubled the distance and increasing the risk of storm damage interruptions by 200%) and a lack of proactive planning.”
In an 11-page response filed on Dec. 27, Richard P. Hevey, senior counsel for CMP, provides a point-by-point rebuttal of the Jackman residents’ allegations.
Hevey told the PUC many of the allegations are inaccurate, citing as one example the company’s review of power outages between 2013 and 2017 in the Jackman area that show the number of outages, affected customers and durations to be significantly less than what the complainants alleged.
Hevey’s rebuttal also states:

  • The Jackman area receives equivalent or better service than other areas
  • Providing backup power from Canada or Rockwood is not feasible
  • CMP’s staffing in the Jackman area is adequate, as is its facilities and equipment.
“CMP urges the Commission to summarily dismiss all aspects of the complaint on the bases that (1) the complaint is without merit and (2) CMP has taken adequate steps to remove the cause of the complaint,” Hevey concluded.
If the three-member PUC required further information, Hevey said CMP requests that the commission do so under a “preliminary investigation” involving written data requests “prior to determining whether to initiate a formal investigation.”